What is Annotating?

What this IS:

  • Making notes as you read
  • Showing your thinking
  • Talking to the text
  • Understanding important words

What to WRITE:

  • Connections (yellow)
  • Summary or Paraphrase (red)
  • Questions (green)
  • Translation or Illustration (brown)
  • Opinions/Reactions (purple)

What this IS NOT:

  • You do NOT need full sentences
  • Do NOT worry about grammar
  • Neatness or conventional usage does NOT count (at least not at first. You can go back and edit — at least until someone replies to you.)

Why we do this:

  • Keep our minds working.
  • Show what we are thinking.
  • Clarify or help us understand.

How to Annotate

After you read a sentence that you want to annotate on a NowComment document:

  • Click on a highlighting color (top-left, icon looks like a highlighter)
  • Click once to highlight the sentence
  • Double-click on that same sentence to get a box for commenting
  • Write one of the 5 kinds of commenting in the top box
  • Follow the sentence starters below for what to write in the bottom box

The BEST Annotations are A LOT of Annotations!!!


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