Response to a Simulation by Paul

December 30, 2018


Response to a Simulation

The <Name of the Simulation> is a simulation in which you… <Finish this sentence by explaining what the player does in this simulation.> The goal of the simulation is for… <Finish this sentence by explaining how someone finishes the simulation.> What makes this simulation <fun | meaningful | interesting | useful| odd | wonderful> is… <Explain in 2 or 3 more sentences.>

I did the simulation, and it made me feel <adjective showing emotion> because…

The simulation starts with … <Explain the first steps of the simulation>, then  <Continue explaining the beginning steps of the simulation.>

At one point in the simulation, I was <adjective showing emotion> because… <Explain what happened.>

A turning point in the simulation came when I … <Explain an important understanding that you had while doing this simulation.>

Finally, the simulation ends when… <Explain the final step of the simulation.>

Most people would find <Name of the simulation> to be <adjective showing emotion>, because…