Recently, I read  <Title of Book or Play>, by <Name of Author>.  I <relished/detested/appreciated… think of an adjective that fits your feelings> this <book/play>. <Say why you feel this way in two or three sentences.>.

The protagonist is <Protagonist’s Name>. <His/Her> story is set in <tell the historical time period and geographic region>, specifically <list the precise local locations>. The significance of the <geographical location> setting is that <tell why it matters that the story happens there>. The significance of the setting shifting from <the first local location> to <the next local location> is that <tell what the protagonist can do there that s/he wouldn’t have been able to do (or wouldn’t have had to do) in the first local location>.

<Protagonist’s Name> faces certain forces and pressures. <Describe what s/he is up against.> <She/He> meets these forces and pressures by deciding to <describe the choices she/he makes>. You can see this early in the <story/book/play> on page <#>.

The tension rises when <list an event in the rising action>. This might leave a reader feeling <strong adjective>. <Explain what it is in the text that might bring on that response.>

The <story/book/play> climaxes when <describe the climax>. “<Copy the exact paragraph where the book climaxes>.”

The falling action ultimately resolves the conflict. <Describe the satisfying resolution of the story.>  It’s a < person v. person? person v. society? person v. self? person v. nature? > type of conflict that’s driving this story. <Explain in two or three sentences.>

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