1. Hook: A SENTENCE to pull the readers in, and get them interested. Find a quote that relates to your character (Remember to cite), or create a powerful statement.

Hook Example: Everybody hates monsters, but even they have feelings.

Write your own Hook:

2. Summary: A brief TWO SENTENCE summary providing background information from your book. Make sure you include the name of the book, author and title. Underline or italicize the name of the book.

Summary example: In the novel Monster by Walter Dean Myers the main character Steve Harmon is being accused of a crime of murder and robbery. Steve is having a very hard time in jail and in court so he writes a movie about his experience.

Write your own summary:

3.    Character Introduction: Write ONE SENTENCE introducing your character into the essay, you should include whether your character is the protagonist or antagonist. Also include his feelings, emotions or transformations that he has made throughout the book.

Character Introduction example: Although Steve Harmon is being accused of a harsh crime; the book portrays him as an emotional and innocent character.

Write your own Character Introduction:

4.   Thesis Statement: What your analysis is going to be about. This is what you plan to prove in your essay. 

Thesis Statement example: Many people believe Steve Harmon is a Monster because of the crime that he is accused of committing but he is just an emotional young man.

Write your own Thesis Statement:


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