<Describe where the speech, panel discussion, presentation, video, or assembly took place.> <Explain who was in the audience and what the event was about. Why did they come? Or why did you go there?> <Then, describe who the speaker(s) were, in general.> <End this paragraph by introducing one of the speaker’s specific quotations>
<Put quote here>.”
Hearing this quote just made me realize that < finish this sentence>. <Add two or three more sentences explaining what the quotation means to you.>
Another quote that stuck out to me from <describe the event> was <explain who said this and when it was said.>:
<A second quote goes here>.”
Seeing this quote again, I see how <Explain why this quote has power for you.> It opens my eyes because this quote is saying that <Finish this sentence, then write three or four more explaining what this quote means to you.> Now keeping this in mind, <Ask your reader if they agree with you and/or your speaker>.
Another quote that surprised me was something <describe the speaker> said. This surprised me because <explain what was remarkable about these words when you heard them.> It really shows <explain why this quote is important to life in general>:
<Put a third quote that goes on for more than one sentence here.>
<Add more of your own thoughts about this topic.>

Copy and paste the text above, then edit, replacing the red text that’s in <angle brackets>.
Scroll inside the box, just below, to see details.

Use this guide to help you be specific, using exact details when you are writing about an event that you have recently attended.
You are asked to quote three times from what you heard there, and write why these three moments stood out to you from this experience.
In the first paragraph introduce who was there, what the event was, when it happened, where it occurred, and why you think it was an interesting event, worth taking our time to hear about.
Then you’ll get around to going into the details of what you remember and why.
Finally, you’ll be invited to go off and extend this essay by talking about your own thoughts and feelings that were addressed at this event.


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