What is a paragraph?

  • 5-8 sentences
  • Capitalization and periods
  • May be written in native language and translated

Paragraph 1: Who are you?

What teachers look for: Are students able to answer questions in complete sentences?  Are they able to give autobiographical information?

What’s important to know about you? When were you born? Where have you lived?

What do you like to do in and out of school? What are you particularly good at, and how did you get that way?  What are your plans for the future, and your dreams?

My name is ___ and I was born in ___.  I am ___ years old.  I have lived in …  In school, I like to …, and when I am out of school, I like to …  I am particularly good at …  I became good at this because …  In the future, I would like to …  I dream of …

Paragraph 2: How did immigration impact you?

What teachers look for: Are students able to use contrastive language?  Distinguish past and present tenses?

Write about the biggest ways in which your life changed when you immigrated.  How did your family structure change?  Were these changes positive or negative?  How do you feel about the languages you speak

I immigrated to New York __ years ago.  My life changed in many ways when I immigrated.  The change I’m happiest about is … because … On the other hand, I am sad that … Now I speak English and ___, which is ….

Paragraph 3: What is justice/injustice?

What teachers are looking for: Are students able to write a brief narrative?

Write about an incident where you experienced or witnessed an injustice.  Where was it?  Who was involved?  What happened?  What was unfair about it?

There was a time in my life when I experienced/witnessed justice/injustice.  This was the time when … [tell the story of that day and the event]  In my opinion, this was fair/unjust because…

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