Before starting the project, ask yourself:

  1. Who do I want to work with today. Why? What qualities do each of these people have that make us a good working group?
  2. What is the big picture of this project? What am I making? What are all the parts?
  3. Where (online and/or in physical world) will I find the material and space to do this work?
  4. When do I plan on finishing this project? How much will I get done today? Tomorrow? This week?
  5. Why do I want to make this? Why does it matter? Who does it matter to?

At the end of each day/period of work:

  1. Did I work toward my goals today?
  2. What bad habits do I need to stop?
  3. What motivated me today?
  4. Have I been the kind of person I want to be?
  5. What mistakes did I make today, and what can I learn from them?
  6. What am I grateful for today?

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