Within my research I have learned what sites to use and not use. To start off google is not a bad source to use but after you have looked over the top articles Google gets repetitive and unreliable. I used SIRS research database to find some more reliable and highly educated authors. Although harder to read it is a great resource and helps you understand the concept more in depth and every article or book has less bias and more facts. Something that I have used to easily tell if the source is reliable especially while looking up education subjects is studies from universities. These I find reliable because I know that it is not based on opinion but facts and it done in the same manner we are writing our research.

Throughout my research so far I have learned not only about growth mindset more but how to change it. I found than more often than not people are taught in school to have a growth mindset it is just the issue of continuing to enforce it in the education. One thing that stood out to me the most that I never thought about was the words used to motivate or bring down a kid. The use of praising kids is not always helpful, but the words and phrases you use can not be negatively connotated. When a student is doing well make sure to praise while also telling them to keep pushing them self and work harder. I also learned that it is hard to find unbiased articles on this subject because most people agree that growth mindset is necessary.

Continuing in this project I plan to research more about teachers and standardized tests. I feel like the aspect of teachers learning how to teach with a positive mindset and continue to make students feel comfortable in the schooling environment. I also think looking into the arguments for and against standardized test and exams would be helpful to my research seeing that those tests are based on one grade and that is the basis of fixed mindset. The research could help me understand the benefits of testing while knowing that my opinions on it are true or false.  

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