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  • Hello everyone today in ”La isla de los delfines azules” After the harsh winter storms there were many calm days. The air was so thick that it seemed difficult to breathe and the sun was heating up so that the sea became another sun, reflecting its light intensely until it was impossible to look at it.I took the canoe to the beach with sand so…Read More

  • Hasta ahora mi libro el cual es ” Pickup trucks” a tratado sobre la creacion de camionetas de grandes marcas como ford o chevrolet, pero esta vez hablaremos de las camionetas GMC su primera camioneta que salio de esta marca fue la T-19 was una gran camioneta, espero tengan un lindo dia.

  • Dicen que Nuestros hallazg os subrayan la importancia de identificar el impacto único en la salud mental de la pandemia en los padres de las comunidades de alto riesgo. En comunidades de alto riesgo, el estrés de los padres es un problema acuciante que, si u tiene el potencial de resultar en una angustia psicológica aún mayor y maltrato inf…Read More

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    • Hola Miguel acerca de tu mensaje me parece lindo e increible en la manera que piensas una de las partes que me llamo mucho la atencion fue la de nuestros hallazgos subrayan la importancia me gusto mucho esa parte sigue asi amigo!
    • Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well today, the plot of “La isla de los delfines azules” is that when the girl healed the boy’s wound, all her family and friends were surprised because she did not know how to heal wounds, but when she did that experiment and it worked she did it to her friend and when the boy was cured they all went to sleep…Read More

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      • Hola Jeimy tu libro me parecio muy interesante la verdad y mas una parte por que son cosas que pudieran llegar a pasar en esta realidad la verdad pero me pareci muy lindo tu libro
      • Hello everyone I hope you are having a good day today in ”La isla de los delfines azules” the plot is that all the family and friends of the girl went to the cave that she had made to stay there as she found someone who could help her all They stayed in the cave for a few days, one of the friends went to the sea and was bitten by a wild dog.…Read More

        • Hello Jeimy, How are you ? Your plot is interesting to me but I would like to know a little more about what happens when the wild dog bites the child and what did that family go to the caves on the island.
            • The family went to the cave on the island because the woman wanted to go again and her family said okay, you’re going to go, but we’re going with you and all the family and friends went and when the wild dog bit the boy, the woman ran to tie him and with some herbs I heal his wound
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