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  • So far, the book Clasicos Juveniles In this book the anthology of terror specifies how terrifying scares and at the same time attracts, that is why man has always sought to give artistic form to that relationship of repulsion and attraction. Reading the story of this genre allows us to know, recognize and master that fear that does not come from…Read More

  • So far, the characters in La Isla De Los Delfines Azules reminds me of something I experienced, I and my family went camping in a forest and they said that there were coyotes and bears there, we got scared and then the fear was removed and we went when we arrived we put things together and when we were sleeping we heard the sounds of bears and…Read More

    • Hi Jeimy, your post reminds me of something similar that happened with my friends in Mexico. We camped in the woods and also heard coyotes. My question is, are there people who have coyotes as pets, would you like to have one?
      • Hello Jeimy, your Book sounds interesting and fun what happened to you I identify myself because if I love going to the beach or camping but I am afraid of the animals that may be in the place my question, Is apart from the ferocious dogs what are the other 4 animals that she killed? What kind of animals are they?
      • Hasta ahora el tema ” El club contra el crimen juicio” no me recuerda a algo o experimentado algo asi no me a pasado algo similar a eso. Solo un primo que vi lo que le paso solo que no es similar a el libro que estoy leyendo por que a mi primo lo asustaron con una arma y lo acusaron por eso no se por que lo acusaron, en el libro lo que lei es…Read More

      • So far,the theme in Traveling through the Earth reminds me of another text,in climate changes these two are similar in my book it talks about some children who go on a school trip to Mount Randall and see many things but especially they come and explain in detail what the layers of the earth are and also what they produce as climate changes to…Read More

      • So far the characters in “La isla de los delfines azules” remains me of something I experienced when we go to the beach and a shark bit my brother-in-law because he was swimming and he went away and the shark bit him in his leg. When we saw that he was not coming we called the people who save people when they are drowning and they went for him he…Read More

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