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In 2014, the organization American Rivers and the Western Resource Association published a 75-page report that explained five solutions to save our population from a dwindling water supply.

First, they presented troubling facts about the lowering water levels in the Colorado River. Due to the past 20 years of chronic drought, the Colorado’s two major reservoirs (Lake Mead and Lake Powell) are historically shallow and the river no longer reaches the sea.

Second, they proposed five solutions to the western United States that would support our growing cities and farms into 2060. They are as follows:

“Municipal Conservation” – which is simply a way to reduce unnecessary water usage in cities through environmentally aware landscaping and incentives to use less water.

“Municipal Reuse” – recycles gray water (all wastewater that doesn’t come from toilets) for farming and more.

“Agricultural efficiency and water banking” – better, more efficient usage of water in irrigation. Farmers would be compensated for this.

“Renewable energy and energy efficiency” – using other forms of energy, such as wind, solar, and thermoelectric power.

“Innovative Water Opportunities” – innovative ways to save water and use it: “invasive plant removal, dust-on-snow mitigation, and targeted inland desalinization.”

These proven measures could save 4.4 million acre-feet of water by 2060.


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