Drugs are what control parts of the world. Whether you’re good, bad, or in between you can always get hooked on the idea of doing drugs. “ LET ME TELL YOU MY STORY “  -zara 

Hi 🙂  I’m Zara Williams. I’m a pothead. I love pot and I love smoking weed. Smoking weed has gotten me through a lot when I’m sad, happy, depressed, and one particular summer when I and my two favorite people in the world met for the first time (aka) my besties Zoey and cassie. Zoey and I met in 4th grade. It was recess and she was swinging on the swing with her hands on a PB & j sandwich and she was so focused on eating her PB & j I came over and asked her if I could have a piece. I took one half and she took one half and ever since then she’d been my day one. Now cassie on the other hand I just met her last summer. We were working at Rita’s right around the corner from my house. My mom got me a job at Rita’s. She was sleeping with the manager and he hooked me up. I guess this is her way of keeping  me occupied so I don’t have to think about doing drugs and going to parties and shit. After she sent me off to rehab for two months.  , WORST FUCKING TWO MONTHS OF MY LIFE! 

Beep beep! beep beep! “fuck my life” Zara whispered getting out of bed. Beep beep! beep! BANG “stupid alarm’’.  I get out of bed *BANG BANG * “ GET THE HELL OUT THE BATHROOM ZAYDEN “   Zara says while  banging on the bathroom door 

“ you know your fav sis and all but that doesn’t mean you can come kicking me out the bathroom,”  says zayden coming out of the bathroom in his boxers with a toothbrush in his hand and toothpaste all around his mouth .. 

 “yeah ,yeah , yeah get out the way” 

Zara pushes him out the way  “ THIS BATHROOM IS CLOSER TO MY ROOM AIRHEAD “  she shouts from another side of the door. Zayden goes downstairs and enters the kitchens with his toothbrush still in his hand, as he sees his mother in a rush preparing her lunch for work  . She says “ morning zay “ as she puts her sandwich in a ziplock bag and hardly even notices he is not wearing any pants. 

“Bye  love you zay AND don’t forget to tell Zara she has a history project due Friday “ 

“ I know, I know, “ Zara says, coming down the stairs with her book bag in her hand and leaving right behind her mother. Zara unchains her bike from the gate and says hello to ms Barbara who comes out at 7:30 sharp to give the squirrels nuts.

“ Are you heading out already, Zara? you’re never up this early “ 

“ yeah it’s the last day of school and i think I’m going to stop at Starbucks before school, “  i tell her. 

“ okay baby you be safe now”

 I wave and say “ you too ms. Barbara” ms. Barbara 

 I used to watch my siblings and me while my mom went to work until we were old enough to watch ourselves.   

Zara sighs and says “ finally “ as she arrives at the Starbucks. As Zara struggles to get through the doors of Starbucks with two books in her hand and her laptop with her keys on the top. A boy with  hazel eyes, Carmel skin, stand tall at 6 foot with nice white teeth “ hello there can i help you “  

“Oh gosh i’m a mess “ we both bent down to reach for my keys and bump heads 

“Ouch, “  we both say  at the same time 

“I’m so sorry, i’m so clumsy “ 

“it’s okay you’re fine, “ he says in an British accent “I never got your name “  

“ Zara it’s Zara and yours? 

“ My name is  Samuel , I’m a foreign exchange student from  my England, are you from around here “ 

“ That can explain the very attractive accent, did I say that out loud? “   Zara laughs embarrass “ yes I am from around here i actually go to school just a couple blocks away from maybe I could show you around some time “  

“ NEXT ! The cashier yells aggressively “ 

“ can I have an medium vanilla bean caramel frappuccino and egg , bacon , and cheese on a muffin“ 

“  Would that be all ? “ 

“ No that’s all “ 

“ your total is $11.75“ 

Zara hands her the money and the cashier hands her a receipt with her order number that reads #32 and says “ have a nice day “ 

“ Thank you , you too “ Zara says

“ NEXT “ the cashier yells.

She goes back over to Samuel as he’s finishing ordering his ice coffee and a chocolate donuts .

“ i never got your number , Samuel says 

“ 407-344 – 32! 32! Order number 32!  “Thats me “  Zara says and walks to get her stuff from the counter 

“ what’s the last 4 digits”  of your number Samuel says with a chuckle 

“ -3421 “ she says walking out of the Starbucks .  

“ we should go out sometime “ Samuel says 

“ we should “ Zara says with a smirk and she winks her right eye 

A week after Zara and Samuel get to know each other over the weeks Samuel asks Zara out on a date to a restaurant called  Pops . 

7 o’clock   saturday night 

*Ding ding* the sound of Zara phone with a message thats reads , “pick you up at 9:00 “ she reads with a smirk  

 Zara instaley started getting ready She turned on her smart tv and t said out loud “ play New balance by jhene akio “  Jhene akio always calms her she turned the music up to 40 , singing the lyrics to Jhene song and twirled out of her room heading towards the bathroom .

“ what’s got you twirling around like a  hot chicken on the stick” Zayden says to Zara I’m going on a date tonight .

“ who would want to take a junkie on a date “ Zayden says .“ Haha real funny “ Zara says slamming the wooden door in her brother zayden and turns the steaming shower and Continue singing the song lyrics as Zara is washing up an hour go by go by Zari gets out the shower she walks into a room And instantly checked her phone to see if Samuel text her and sees a message from Samuel that reads “there isn’t anybody I rather be going out tonight with then you ”

Zara sends two kissing face emojis and say “ almost ready can’t wait to see you “   Zara drops her phone and she does her natural look makeup with long whisky eyes lashes and puts on her Black See through poster girl dress with holes down the middle with diamonds down the middle and her hair straightening flowing down her back * DING DING*  a message from Samuel that says 

“ Is it okay if I come pick you up now  ? “ 

 “yes that’s fine, text me when you’re outside “ I say even though the butterflies in my stomach are literally all over the room. I continue to get you ready as I wait for Samuel . I’m going to grab some weed just in case I get some alone time so I can smoke weed. It is literally my heart outside my chest. I always have to have it  . After Zara pasting back and forth around the house a message from Samuel that reads

 “ Hey I’m outside “. 

“ okay be right out I say “ 

“ Shit where’s my weed? Nooo no nooo” Ohshit here it goes. Zara says to herself panicking . 

I grabbed my purse to put my weed in it as I’m rushing out the door.

“ Later Losers ! “ Zara yells back into the house as she shuts the door . 

“ you look amazing “  Samuel says 

“ Thank you “ Zara responds back with a smile as big as the sun . 

 The car ride to the Pops restaurant was delightful with nice music, the wind flew through my hair. 

As Samuel and Zara arrive at the restaurant . There’s pretty colors everywhere & there wonderful lights , a wonderland themed restaurant . The waitress greet Samuel and Zara and escorted them to their table and ask “ Do you guys know what you want to drink “ 

“ I’ll have water, “ said Zara .

”  I’ll take an orange soda, “ Samuel said .

“ Okay I’ll be right out to take your order”. 

“ Excuse me, is there a bathroom? “  Zara  asked the waitress before she could go get they’re drinks.

“ yes right this way “  the waitress said and showed Zara where the bathroom was .

“ the first door on the left ” Said the waitress.

“Okay Thank You “ Zara said to the waitress. 

*Zoom zoomed * the sound of Zara phone vibrating from inside her purse back at the table . 

Samuel reaches into Zara’s purse and see’s 4 miss calls from mom and also sees Zara stash of weed .

“ What are you doing ? Why are you in my purse? “ Zara says, coming back from the bathroom .  

“ What is this ,why do you have this? “  Samuel says.

 “ Put that away okay “ Zara says, snatching the weed away from Samuel. 

Samuel stood there in disbelief  . 

“Zara smoking weed can kill you” Samuel says . 

“ Yeah yeah so what “ Zara says 

“ So what ? All you have to say is so what ! “ Samuel yelled “ Zara, my mom died from doing drugs and all you have to say is so what!” Samuel shouted . 

“ I’m sorry I didn’t know that Samuel “ Zara says 

“ Is there anything I could get you guys? “ the waitress walks back over to the table and says . 

“ No , actually we were just leaving “ Samuel said to the waitress and got up and slammed a $20 dollar bill on the table of the restaurant. 

“ Samuel, wait “ Zara says, running after Samuel in her high heels outside . 

“ Zara, if you have a drug problem we shouldn’t be together “ he turns around and says . 

“ You don’t think telling me you had a drug problem should’ve come up ? “  Samuel says .

“ I know I was gonna tell you, “ Says Zara .

“ WHEN ZARA ! when were you gonna tell me “ Samuel says loudly so the whole parking lot can hear . 

“ I was going to I just couldn’t find the time to “ Zara says quietly 

“ Get in the car Zara “ Samuel says while looking into her eyes with a disappointed look on his face . 

Zara got in the car and they headed back to her house . The car ride back home was so quiet you could hear the wind whistling and the birds chirping . Soon at lasted the arrived back to Zara house as Zara was getting on the car Samuel says , 

“ Zara wait , I’m sorry I bugged out on you when I saw the weed , it’s just my mom died from doing drugs . Drugs are one of my biggest eminems. I hope you can forgive me for the way I acted tonight “ .

“ It’s okay Samuel , I forgive “ was all Zara had to say back . 

“ maybe we could go out another time “ Samuel asks 

“ yeah maybe “ Zara says and shuts the car door .

After that night Zara and Samuel had now decided to remain friends , Zara has actually gone

 back to rehab to stop doing drugs and Samuel is actually interested in somebody else . 

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March 14, 2022 2:44 pm

I love how her main character Zara developed into a better person. I also like how she starts the beginning. It gives it more of a euphoria-type look.

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