Today it is more common for news to be hurtful than it is to be reassuring. People would rather hear gossip and scandal than they would something exciting or beneficial. Recent examples from current society reflect this idea. For example, the grand presidential election of 2016. The use of Hillary Clinton’s private email server proved to be more of an attack against her than it was a scandal. When people heard this, it put a bad name against Clinton, and she was punished for it in society’s eyes. Similar things happened with President Trump- the issues surrounding his alleged sexual harassment reinforced the already bad reputation he had with the public.

This news was juicy gossip to the public. Thousands of websites with information pop up when the words “Hilary Clinton Scandal” or “Donald Trump Scandal” is typed into google. This can be attributed to the fact that people want to see this stuff. It is relatively applicable to their lives because it played into who they voted for. The issues surrounding Trump and Clinton’s elections where controversial and scandalous. During the year of 2016 in the months leading up to the election, all I ever heard in the news was more gossip about the two candidates. But this is what people want. This is the stuff people enjoy hearing most- the issues that are more interesting than the boring ones.

We are all like teenage girls preying on gossip and waiting to hear the next news so we can spread it around. Like teenage girls, each bit of information we receive steers us in a certain direction, either against or along with the given topic. The media today is meant to persuade and inform us, but is obviously centered around attention grabbing topics. This is meant to throw a wrench in our days as the out of control tweets, TV shows, instagram posts, etc. pop up on our phones. Society would much rather hear about information that they can use against each other, as we are always looking for the negative side of things. This is incredibly depressing but applicable to society and goes to say a lot about the time we live in today.

A question I have for you: Would you rather hear good news (that isn’t applicable to your life… like “J-LO wore Vera Wang!”) or listen to the juicy details of a good scandal? Why?

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