Good and bad Examples of Presentation by Athsia

April 27, 2017


Good and bad Examples of Presentation

  1. The first video I watched was Good & Bad Examples of Oral Presentation( then I watched TED’s Secret to Great Public Speaking(
  2. Anderson wants his viewers to understand is a good public speaker is about having a good idea that people can take from. Don’t try to have many different topics, just use one topic and add more and more to it.
  3.  You have to dress formal and talk to your audience and give eye contact. You don’t want to have your phone on just in case somebody calls.
  4. I do get shy when talking in front of a group of people and it really gets to me but I take my time and I push through it.
  5.  In my english class We do many things with recordings, so I got used to standing in front of people and talking