Global warming is a huge problem going on in the world that I think often gets overlooked in everyone’s day to day lives. Global warming has been a rising threat that has been observed since the mid 20th century. The rise has been caused by the expansion of the greenhouse effect humans have affected which results in the atmosphere traps heat radiating from the Earth towards space. There are 4 main gases that humans use that contributes to global warming which include water (H2O), nitrous oxide (N2O), methane (CH4), carbon dioxide (CO2).

Global warming has come with many issues that can eventually threaten humanity if there is no effort to change and make the atmosphere clean again. Global warming has shifted weather patterns, threatens food levels, raising sea levels causing possible floods, and many more global impacts. The global temperature has risen 0.85 degrees celcius from 1880-2012. The sea level has also risen 19 cm from the melting ice in the same amount of time. The global temperatures have been rising since the industrial revolution which has lead to melting ice and more problems.

Obviously we are in need of a change to prevent this global issue from getting worse and to have a better future for us and the people who will come after us. There are plenty of ways to do your part in your home by making it more efficient but also you can help by speaking up and making more aware of the severity of this issue. Also a big way to help would be saving water and reducing your waste by using refillable water bottles.

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December 6, 2019 9:23 pm

Hello Timothy, I very much enjoyed your article Global Warming Threats. I thought your link to more information on the greenhouse effect was very helpful because that term constantly gets thrown around in these arguments, so getting an in-depth look on it was good support for your article. One thing I would like to see from you is more detail on how your proposed solutions will help the problem. I know the recycling system in the US has many issues, so I would like to know how helpful or not helpful using refillable water bottles will be to reduce global warming. Overall this article was very informative and I am looking forward to your next insightful take into “hot” topics like global warming.

Reply to  Dominic
December 6, 2019 9:26 pm

I didn’t log in to my account while making this comment and I would very much enjoy credit for it so I’m leaving this comment to signify my ownership of the previous comment.

December 6, 2019 9:09 pm

Hi Timmy,I am so interested in your topic. Nowadays, the global warming are affecting our life and the earth.
There are some effects of global warming:

  1. The heat energy brought by the rising temperature will provide huge kinetic energy to the air and ocean, thus forming large-scale, or even super-large-scale typhoons, hurricanes, tsunamis and other disasters. Each year more and more disasters are suffered and faced, the loss of life and money is more and more unacceptable.

Typhoons, tsunamis and other disasters not only directly damage buildings and threaten human life, but also bring secondary disasters, especially typhoons, hurricanes and other disasters brought by large amounts of rain, will lead to mudslides, landslides and other serious threats to the safety of traffic and residents.

  1. Rising temperatures will draw water not only directly from the oceans, but also from the land, resulting in widespread drought in inland areas, which will reduce food production and thus feed.

Food and meat will be scarce, a direct threat to national stability. Food scares and fights are no longer the preserve of backward villages.

  1. Melting icebergs due to rising temperatures are the primary source of fresh water on which we depend for our survival. Much of our underground freshwater reserves come from iceberg meltwater. When the temperature balance is normal, the ice and snow circulation of the icebergs, which melt in summer, flows downhill and underground, accumulating fresh water in the plains and acting as a filter.

The whole cycle ensures a stable balance of our fresh water. But now global warming has made ice and snow accumulation far less rapid than melting, and some icebergs have stopped accumulating, cutting off local drinking water. This will lead to conflicts and wars caused by water shortage.

  1. Rising temperatures are disrupting the natural food chain.

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