There are lots of logical reasons that disprove global warming. Conserve Energy Future says, “Scientists who argue against global warming say global warming isn’t real because since the 90s there hasn’t been a significant temperature change since 1960. The upswing in the temperature started from 1975, continued till 1997 and the temperature has been flat since then which clearly states that there isn’t any significant change in temperature in last 17 years.” This text suggests that just because temperature hasn’t significantly changed in the last 17 years, that it will continue to remain unchanged (2019). Although, there is in fact lots of evidence that does suggest a recent warming. It coincidentally happened just recently, with the increase of carbon dioxide in the air.

It may not feel like we are experiencing global warming, but that’s because the temperature has only been changing a degree or two within the last couple of years. Rather than trying to feel the temperature change now, scientists have discovered other ways to tell if Earth is warming or not. The Royal Society found that, “…Earth’s climate balance has been altered towards warming. With the biggest contributor being increases in CO2.” Scientists were able to find that increases in carbon dioxide are causing warming of our climate. It all started though around 35 years or so ago. The Royal Society also found, “…the CO2 concentration began to increase significantly in the 19th century, after staying in the range of 260 to 280 ppm for the previous 10,000 years” (Royal Society, 2019). The carbon dioxide concentration in the air had stayed pretty level and unchanged for a good 10,000 years and since the 1900s when everything began to be manufactured by machine, it’s increased a great amount. Carbon dioxide is one of the greenhouse gases that contribute to the warming of the Earth. This may mean that in the last 100 years we’ve been slowly experiencing warming even if we haven’t physically felt it.

Global warming could exist if what we are experiencing is climate change. It is my understanding that climate change does not happen without global warming. Using this, if we are to experience climate change, that would be a result of global warming.

Scientists were able to find many telltale signs of warming of the atmosphere, one of the bigger signs being oceans. Shankman and Horn add, “Ocean temperatures have been rising about .12 degrees celsius per decade on average over the past 50 years.” The ocean covers a good amount of the Earth, it has deep parts which man haven’t even been able to reach because of the pressure at that depth. Now with the warming of oceans comes bigger problems. It creates problems that will backfire on our economy and affect us in many ways. Shankman and Horn also said, “The higher temperatures are driving marine life toward the poles in search of livable habitats, bleaching coral reefs, and causing severe impacts on fisheries and aquacultures. They also contribute to more frequent and extreme weather events. In the three back to back deadly hurricanes of 2017 – Harvey, Irma, and Maria – warmer waters played a role in worsening the storms.” The natural way of marine life is being disrupted and they’re forced to leave their habitats in search of ones that they will have all of the things that they need. The disappearance of marine life altogether could have devastating effects on the human economy (Shankman & Horn, 2017). Darryl Fears, an author of an article on the Washington Post, says, “In a prepared statement, Robert Watson, a British chemist who served as the panel’s chairman, said the decline in biodiversity is eroding ‘the foundations of our economies, livelihoods, food security, health and quality of life worldwide.” The disappearing of some of the animals that keep us, ourselves, alive will have devastating effects. Some of those are already being seen and predicted. Fears also says, “The warming climate is a major driver that is exacerbating the effects of overfishing, widespread pesticide use, pollutions and urban expansion into the natural world” The changing of the Earth’s natural order, or natural pattern, is already giving us signs that suggest that we’re stepping into dangerous territory. We’ve begun to overfish the oceans, thinking that fish will always be there, is bringing devastating effects to ocean culture. The using of pesticides is killing bees and insects important to the maturing of crops. Polluted oceans and atmosphere, they’re all signs of warming, signs that we should suggest trying to change (Fears, 2019).

Marine life and human life aren’t the only factors that are affected by the warming of oceans. There are few other factors which come to play, as well. Shankman and Horn said, “According to research by Kevin Trenberth and Lijing Cheng, of the Institute for Atmospheric Physics in Beijing, the heat storage in the oceans during 2015 and 2016 amounted to a stunning force: an increase of 30.4 x 1022 joules of energy rolling Earth’s systems since 1960. The overload is helping throw off Earth’s energy balance, needed for the climate to be relatively stable.” The Earth’s balance is being thrown off by an overload of energy (Shankman & Horn, 2017). Heat is essentially just atoms moving at a faster rate, which is why you don’t feel the warming physically. It’s all going down on a much smaller level. The oceans taking on all of this energy is helping throw the balance of our Earth off. Which would cause us to experience minor changes in climate. How much longer these changes are going would stay minor is unknown. Whether they are would become a much bigger problem, also unknown since weather itself is so unpredictable.

According to the Royal Society, “Many other impacts associated with the warming trend have become evident in recent years…” One impact acts on the rest, activating a chain of problems which all happen because of each other. In this case it’s all because of recent warming which causes changes in climate all over the world. Later the Royal Society adds, “…warming and precipitation changes are altering the geographical ranges of many plant and animal species and the timing of their life cycles. In addition to the effects on climate, some of the excess CO2 in the atmosphere is being taken up by the ocean, changing its chemical composition (causing ocean acidification).” Animals go throughout life on an instinctual schedule, which can be interrupted by these sudden changes in climate. Some animals go to the same spots every day seeking the nutrients that they need to survive. The sudden altering of various plant and animal species life cycles across the world could become devastating. This is a clear sign of some change in our climate, which is a result of the further warming of the atmosphere (Royal Society, 2019).

Most people don’t associate global warming with climate change because it’s usually referred to as climate change. National Geographic says, “Scientists prefer to use ‘climate change’ when describing the complex shifts now affecting our planet’s weather and climate systems. Climate change encompasses not only rising average temperatures but also extreme weather events, shifting wildlife populations and habitats, rising seas, and a range of other impacts.” They use climate change as sort of a blanket term instead of using both global warming and climate change to show that they have seperate meanings. Climate change and global warming aren’t the same because they both mean two different things that so happen to connect to each other. One does not usually happen without the other (Nunez, 2019).

Therefore, climate change and global warming are connected. They aren’t the same two things, but they are often mistaken by people as though they are the exact same, which is an easy mistake. Based on both sides of this argument, it looks as if warming of the Earth’s atmosphere could be happening. There are numerous signs that have been found, and all of them have something to do with temperature and climate changing. A few of the viewpoints that were went through concluded that this could allegedly lead to even more devastating events that could lead to the downfall of Earth itself.


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January 20, 2020 6:59 am

Hey Koree,
I found your article to be quite educational, since I myself often got confused with this. I found something that might interest you (
– Sincerely, Paula

2020 Wuyou (Orange) Zhou
November 7, 2019 6:18 pm

Hello Koree,
I like you mentioned that climates changing is not only about rising temperature but also the extreme weather. People need to realize how serious the climate change is.
Here is an article about some increased extreme weather.
sincerely wuyou

October 17, 2019 5:20 pm

I thought it was interesting when you mentioned the fact that scientist have known about the earth climates rising because of high levels of co2. Some denied that climate change actually existed because there wasn’t any drastic climate changes. Currently some still believe that global warming is not real while people all around are being affected by floods, hurricanes, and other natural storms that are more aggressive because of high levels of co2.
Here’s a source that you may be interested in. This video focuses on the green house gases(methane) trapped in ice sheets being released in our atmosphere because the ice sheets are melting from global warming.

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