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Glasses affect our world in many ways. The way that we see can change by the way our eyes work. They can make you focus, be productive, and not make things blurry. However, there are cons to glasses. Glasses can make you have a headache, sore eye, or even weaken your eyesight when they are taken off. Going back and forth with this topic makes one agree to disagree on the topic of nature vs. nurture. Glasses as much as many other artificial objects that are shaping what is to be our world today and technology to come.

The nature of this topic is that we are given eyes. Some have eyes that are perfect and others not so perfect. We all have problems, no one is perfect. From the nature of this topic is it wrong that we were not born with glasses and should suffer to see for the rest of our lives? That is a tough question for all of those who do struggle with God’s gift of bad eyesight. Even though they might not be in nature, they are for the better to help those who struggle. They help with technology, blue light rays, and weak eye sight. “Parents are worried; nearly a third say they are concerned that computers and handheld electronics may damage their child’s eyesight” (webmd). More the less one juggles with this approach to which the real answer is.

The topic of nurture is broad and fuzzy. The opinion of this topic is that artificial values are taken over by people of our nature. The definition of ‘nurture’ states, “to support and encourage, as during the period of training or development” (dictionary). Nurture is not only fuzzy but also inconclusive. This goes with the procedure of ‘conditioning’. Conditioning is stated in the dictionary as “the process of training… a simple form of learning involving the formation, strengthening, or weakening of an association between a stimulus and a response” (dictionary).

Conditioning and nurture go hand and hand on the topic of changing someone’s outlook to make it their own. The nurture of this topic is changing someone’s eyes with glasses because they were not born with glasses or perfect eyesight. On the contrary people need to see through their eyes, they need to have that sort of life in them.
The topic of nurture vs. nature is a very controversial topic especially on the fact of glasses. Glasses can be beneficial in people’s lives but is that going against the topic of nature? Everyone has a different opinion on this topic and that is okay. The basic information is this goes hand and hand in our everyday lives and one cannot live without it.

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November 7, 2021 7:24 pm

Dear Nicole:

 I am impressed by your post, “Glasses” because glasses can affect how we see the world. Wearing or not wearing glasses is okay. But wearing glasses can have cons like having a headache, sore eye, or weaken eyesight. 

One sentence that you wrote that stands out to me is: “On the contrary people need to see through their eyes, they need to have that sort of life in them.” I completely agree with this because people with glasses should have a chance to experience what others see.

Thanks for your writing. I look forward to reading more about how people can see the world in different ways.


November 2, 2021 5:22 am

Dear Nicole,

I am very impressed by your post, “Glasses,” because I also wear glasses and the way you see things is different when you wear glasses. It is clearer when you see the glasses in my opinion. One sentence that you wrote that stands out for me is “Some have eyes that are perfect and others not so perfect.” I think this is true, because yes we are all different, we all have different visions. Not everyone can see well because of a birth disease or for one reason or another. And that’s why some of us wear glasses and that helps us improve our eyesight.

Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I liked this topic since I can connect with it because I also wear glasses. I think it is better to find posts that I can connect with.

Samantha M.

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