Recently, I read “Glass Menageries”, by Tennessee William.. I appreciated the fact that I read it because it was very interesting to read this play. I was unhappy to see how Amanda was manipulating her children. She was not giving them the freedom to make the decision about who they wanted to be with.

The protagonist is Laura. Laura is a very calm and well behaved child, where her mom is looking for a guy, rich and gentleman. The significance of the setting is shifting from one location to another. At first, Laura was doing her job to stratify her mom and give comfortable lives and earlier she left the business school because she didn’t want to be there. In the whole situation the protagonist faces certain force and pressure from her mom, Amanda, to get married when she is not ready. She asked her Tom to bring some good looking guys into the house to find a man who can fulfill her needs and desires. On the other hand, from the school life Laura had a crush on Tom’s friends who visited her house. You can see early in the play on scene three and four line # 4 It says,” After the fiasco at Rubicam’s Business College, the idea of getting a gentleman caller for Laura began to play a more and more important part in Mother’s calculations” this demonstrates that mothers want Amanda to settle down.

The tension rises when mom is attracted to the invited man and she refuses to see them. L. This might leave a reader feeling worried because she wants to do what her heart says to do, not what her mom wants her to do.

The climax is when Jim showed up to her house out of expectation. He is a person who Lura used to like. She is happy about the fact that Jim could be her husband. In the seven seven online #110 to 114 it says, “ I didn’t expect you to. You – barely knew me! JIM: But we did have a speaking acquaintance, huh? LAURA: Yes, we – spoke to each other. JIM: When did you recognize me? LAURA: Oh, right away!” This shows that they are happy to see each other after a long time and still Lura remembers him. At first love, it is not easy to forget.

The falling action ultimately resolves the conflict. It’s a person to person type of conflict that’s driving this story. However, it ends up that Laura is satisfied about what she has.

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