“ Lyse, have you been on social media lately?” my two best friends asked me.  

We stood in the crowded school hallway before everyone went inside.

I replied to them, saying, “Yes,” and gossiping in each other’s ears about what we saw and all the things we did. 

While my group of friends was talking, other groups of students also were making noise. The vibrating on their phones and pushing each other and play fighting and screaming, while we waited in front of the door for our teacher to come because she was late. 

Soon the screaming and yelling became louder from the students who were in my class and began to disturb other students from the other classes. 

About five minutes had passed and Ms. O’Neil is arriving with Dunkin Donuts coffee in her hand. she marched from the other side of the school because she had heard all the screaming and other teachers were complaining about us making so much noise.

My teacher’s eyes were filled with frustration and she started to scream at us because the other teachers had informed her that her students were terrible, and not behaving. 

 “I Had to rush here because the other teachers were telling me that my class was acting up in the hallway and disturbing other students from learning,” she yelled. “You guys will not go to lunch,” she shouted. 

After 40 minutes, the school bell rang and everyone was heading down to lunch but our class had to stay up for detention. I had never gotten in trouble before. Ever since I came to New York, I  had always been a good girl who never got into trouble, so when that happened I was shocked.

“ Yo, teach, I didn’t even do nothing. why am I still here and not going down to lunch?” I complained in a stressed tone.

Everyone was mad and my best friend told Ms.O’Neil that some students did not cause any trouble but were talking or on their phones. It was the students who always like causing trouble who were only screaming and yelling and play fighting. 

Ms. O’Neil thought about it and only let the students who did work and was not causing trouble when she was late, my best friends and I some other students went down to lunch. 

“I don’t even know why she kept us, like what is her problem keeping us from eating?” I groaned.

My friends agreed. 

Then we had lunch and went on with our day. 

When I think back on that moment I laugh because the teacher was blaming the students who did not even do anything, I still am shocked that she let us go to lunch for what the class has done. Today I learned that to always do good when you’re waiting for someone because you might get in trouble.

High School Lunch by MC Quinn on 2008-02-27 13:37:42

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