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Unleash the power of a confident smile! Find out how my journey with braces helped me become more confident and changed my life!

After wanting braces on for so long, at last I finally got them. I experienced teeth pain and my gums got swollen, but the orthodontic process has been worth it. From putting “rubber bands on my teeth” in an attempt to make my own braces to the $8,000 cost of getting them professionally done, I’m ready to take control of my future and get ready for my braces to be removed after more than three years.

Getting braces changed my self-confidence a lot. Before getting them, I did not like smiling with my teeth or even laughing, because I would either get bullied or laughed at. When I was younger, my mom took me and my sister to the dentist. They ended up putting braces on my sister, and I got very upset. I tried making my own braces growing up, like putting rubber bands on my teeth, because since I was too young I couldn’t get braces yet until I removed all my baby teeth. Now that I am older and have them on, I feel more comfortable smiling and laughing.

Before getting my braces on, the doctor told me the basics. They explained that my teeth would hurt and need time to get used to the braces, so I wouldn’t be able to eat for a while. When they told me I wouldn’t be able to eat most of my favorite foods, I was being very dramatic. However, I’ve had my braces for over three years now and I eat everything I’m not supposed to.

Getting them on at first didn’t hurt, but when I got home and tried eating something, it was horrible. Despite this, I was still very happy because I had wanted braces all my life.

My braces cost more than $8,000, and every monthly visit I pay $225. I had a long time without tightening my braces because my mom, the only source of income, couldn’t stop paying the rent to pay for every dentist visit. I went a full year without tightening my braces. Throughout that year, I experienced teeth pain, my gums would get swollen, and every month I would notice my teeth separating since my braces weren’t tightened. After 3 to 4 months, my teeth got used to my braces not being tightened, so I felt great. However, I knew I was adding more time to my treatment.

As I sat in the dentist chair, I waited for the doctor to come. When the doctor arrived, she told me I needed to retake pictures of my teeth since I had missed a full year. After taking the pictures, they made me talk to a lady who was in charge. She had to rearrange some things around because I had broken my contract.

While I waited for everything to be done, they gave me the green light to go sit in the chair and get the process started. I was surrounded by tools and equipment used for orthodontic work. Watching them take those really old rubber bands off my brackets was actually disgusting, but getting my teeth tightened marks a turning point in my life as I take control of my future.

I hope that when I finally get my braces off, my teeth will be nice and straight. I’ve had them on for over three years, so I’m used to them now. I’m actually a little scared to take them off. I overthink too much and worry about what I’ll look like afterwards. In my mind, I have two sides: one side is fear, and the other is confidence. I already picture myself with nice teeth, but I think too hard about how I’m going to look after.

Overall, despite the initial pain, getting my braces has been a journey that has been worth its price. I’m ready to finally have a smile that I’m not afraid to show off after 3 long years. I’m also looking forward to my orthodontist finally seeing the changes in my smile and how I’m so much more confident with my beautiful new smile.

Getting braces changed my life for the better and I’m thankful for the courage it gave me to show off this beautiful smile. I’m sure that it has been an equally rewarding experience for those who have gone through the same ordeal. What has been your experience with braces?

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September 15, 2023 9:39 pm

Dear Yinetly,
I really connected to what you were saying in your post, ” Getting Braces: How My Smile Boosted My Confidence!,” because I feel like I could really relate to some of the feelings you had throughout the process of getting braces. I do agree that getting braces really changes a lot about yourself and makes you feel more comfortable when smiling in pictures or at people.

One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is,” I experienced teeth pain and my gums got swollen, but the orthodontic process has been worth it.” I think this is really relatable because I’ve thought the same way about the pain I feel. I knew that at the end of the whole process, I would finally be happy with the smile I’d get at the end of this experience.
Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, and seeing what else we can relate to.

Veronica Morales

Ashley P.-A.
September 13, 2023 6:03 am

Dear Yinetly :
I am intrigued by, your post, “Getting Braces: How My Smile Boosted My Confidence!,” because it shows how confidence can be boosted. Also, it showed how braces can help people a lot. One sentence you wrote that stands out is: “I’m ready to finally have a smile that I’m not afraid to show off after 3 long years.” I think this is great because it shows how hard work pays off. Not only that but it shows the difference in confidence as well. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because you have interesting views. I look forward to more posts.
Ashley Padilla

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