Gerardo Thomas Kareem Jorge Prototype: Raising Awareness About Police brutality by Gerardo

May 6, 2017


Gerardo Thomas Kareem Jorge Prototype: Raising Awareness About Police brutality

In our American history class we are researching contemporary issues and designing ways that people can take action and improve our community. Our group is focused on police brutality because we have been hearing about it since we started high school.  This issue is important because there are more reports coming up about this police brutality.  This issue is complicated because it is caused by police being scared of the people they stop so they end up using force against them. However, we need to address it because it has serious effects like people of color being killed for no reason It also has the long term effect of the colored community not trusting police and cause more conflicts between the two To address this issue, we think that police should have to go through therapy before being able to join the police force to make sure they are both mentally and emotionally fit.  Some people might oppose this idea because it might cause the city to spend more money on the police, but it is a good solution because it can show more cities that it works it will raise awareness about this solution. We have made a prototype that is a letter to Mayor schaaf.  Please give us any feedback you have about our prototype to help us improve it to help raise awareness about this important issue.


Dear Mayor Schaaf,


Hello Mayor Schaaf, me and a group of student have been doing research about police brutality. We have found out that between the years 2000 and 2016 There have been 90 people shot by police and 74% of which were black. Which means nearly 3 of 4 people killed by police were black. We have a solution that wont completely end police brutality but might help. This solution is a therapy which police in training will have to take before they become police officers the therapy will inform the therapist if the officer in training has the right mentality to be a Oakland police officer. This will help the problem by eliminating some of the police officers that are most likely to end up killing a innocent person. This might costs the city a bit of money but this could also stop other problems from rising up like people ending up going around shooting police which put even more people’s lives at stake or when people stop trusting police and end up not helping them with evidence to cases.