It seems that people tend to have similar beliefs as those who live in the same geographic area as them. We see this in politics especially. An article from gives us reasoning on why people of similar political viewpoints tend to live in the same area. The author says, “when liberals find themselves in a conservative zip code, they’re more likely to get up and move. When conservatives find themselves in a predominantly liberal area, they’re likely to do the same.” This is evidence that it is not subconscious but rather a choice that people want to live in areas where their viewpoints will be accepted and agreed with. It ay seem subconscious but if people do not feel comfortable in their neighborhood, they will want to move. And while many people don’t uproot their lives because of differing opinions, a large majority of people move into neighborhoods specifically because of the demographic.

When we talk about red and blue states, the message tends to get lost. There are pockets of each side of the spectrum in each state, regardless of the majority. That’s why the idea that people in the same zip codes political viewpoints correlating is more accurate than the entire state. However, when people congregate with people of the same beliefs, there is no room of diversity in opinions. This doesn’t lead to innovation or new ideas for either side, which could potentially hurt our society.

Photo by ♡ dare to share beauty

Photo by ♡ dare to share beauty

Photo by ♡ dare to share beauty

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October 18, 2017 7:30 pm

I found this topic interesting because I have lived in Utah my whole life. You can most definitely tell that most people in Utah have very similar beliefs, whether it is because of religion or not. It would be interesting to see the small sectors in Utah that are red or blue. I also liked how you talked about having different opinions helps us grow intellectually and in our own mind sets.

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