“28 percent of the people that are kicked out of their home make $30,000 yearly” (Allen-Price). This shows that people can’t often do anything about gentrification because of the low money that they make and they can’t afford expensive places to live. What are the positive and negative effects of gentrification? Some problems that gentrification has is that it only affects people of low income negatively in terms of their daily life and education.

To begin, gentrification only affects people with lower incomes negatively. In the article “How Many Are Being Displaced by Gentrification in Oakland?” by Olivia Allen it explains on how many people are leaving their areas, which is about how people are leaving due to that fact they can not afford to pay the prices of the apartment. It illustrates “During that five-year span between 2010 and 2014, 104,544 people left Oakland. (Sidenote: 108,649 people moved in, so overall the city grew.) So, we’ll speculate that during the five-year span, at least 14,008 left Oakland for economic reasons”(Allen-Price). This is showing how people who have a way lower income are getting evicted because they dont have alot of money and they couldn’t afford the high prices of rent that were happening. For example, if a rich person was living an apartment and it was getting fixed up and making it nicer and the price went up that rich person could stay there because he/she could have the money for it.  A lot of people that have a high income are staying because they can actually be able to afford rent. People with lower incomes are being interpersonally oppressed. This is because the landlords know that there are people out there who can afford high rent but instead they don’t care. They decide to do whatever they want and and only want to do that so it can affect people who have money and negatively affect the people who are poor. In my interviews,  Victor Mercado, an Oakland renter, said, “that gentrification has only been pushing people with lower incomes into more violence and project neighborhoods ”(Mercado). That is true because since they don’t have the money for something nice they have to go some were that may have even been lower than the place that they lived in before and that’s unfair, everyone should have housing rights.

Also, gentrification affects people in the ways they live life daily like separating them from their family and doesn’t let them do things that people can normally do. In the article “Gentrification transforming face of Oakland” it points out  “I spend so much time commuting I hardly see my kids, It talksabout how a guy experienced gentrification and it effects him and his family life he states, “On my lunch break, sometimes I go to my old neighborhood in North Oakland and it’s totally different. There used to be kids playing in the street, basketball games going on. Now it’s a lot of ‘For Sale’ signs and cafes. Stress and longer commutes – and the resulting mental and physical impacts – are typical for those forced to move farther afield, according to the report” (Jones). This shows how gentrification is affecting the way people can live because stores and hang outs are closing are being replaced. This also affects kids like in the interview my interviewee, Victor Mercado, said that when he used to live in this old apartment  there were alot of kids playing and then when everyone got evicted out of those apartments he saw and felt nothing but despair sadness and separation (Mercado). Separation is one of the things that gentrification causes because it separates family members or close friends and brings in people that they don’t even know. It might be good to meet new people. Yet, but still no one should be separated from their family members, that is kind of dehumanizing. This can also give people stress because they have to leave the place they love. Also, it can affect people’s education because they might have to start new at a different school and kids might not know the rules of that school and the classes of that school compared to the other.


Some may argue that gentrification in Oakland might be a positive action. They might say that because more people have been moving in which is good for Oakland’s population, specifically richer people. In the article “Gentrification transforming face of Oakland” it explains how it might be good to change some parts of Oakland and to make them for other people to come it, this states “ Rising home prices and community investment have played a role in lowering crime, improving schools and bringing more amenities like grocery stores and banks, said Councilman Larry Reid, who represents East Oakland” (Reid). This shows that gentrification might be helping a little but think about the people who have been kicked out of their homes and might not be able to find another. But how is raising house prices a good thing, that might be improved for rich people but not for people who dont have alot of money.


In conclusion, gentrification is a very negative action for lower income people that affects people in impolite and non positive ways such as kicking people out, only affecting poor people and affecting people life like separating them from family and education.



Allen-Price, Olivia. “How Many Are Being Displaced by Gentrification in Oakland?” KQED News, 11 Jan. 2018, ww2.kqed.org/news/2017/02/09/how-many-are-being-displaced-by-gentrification-in-oakland/. This article is about how people are being kicked out of their homes and that they can’t find place to live. This is also about how people in their lower income stage and that people over coming in and taking over. This article is credible because it is a news cast that is well known, also this was published recently in 2017

Jones, Carolyn. “Gentrification transforming face of Oakland.” SFGate, San Francisco Chronicle, 9 Apr. 2014, www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/Gentrification-transforming-face-of-Oakland-5387273.php. This article shows how it is affecting the people that have a low income and also how it affect people of color. Also talks about the negative and positive causes gentrification can cause. This source is credible because it is like a new site, also this article was made in this decade.




  1. nacia russell 3 years ago

    Dear Manuel,
    I am Nacia Russell and I am feeling very glad that you chose gentrification over anything because that is a big problem in the Oakland community right now and I am very stunned at the way you presented your thought on your evidence and analysis. A quote that stood out to me was “28 percent of the people that are kicked out of their home make $30,000 yearly”(Allen Price). This stood out to me because I think it’s kind of crazy that such a little percent of people are who make a good amount of money get kicked out of their houses just because others believe it’s not that much. When I really think housing should be divided into prices that everyone is able to afford so no one has to deal with getting kicked out of their houses. Your quote reminds me of what’s happening to a close friend of mine and his family. So the problem with his family is people are just walking in and out talking about what they want to do to change the house for some other people and their landlords are saying the only reason they are being kicked out is because the pricing of the house might be to high and I find that just sickening for people to think it’s right to change a house that has always been affordable just for people with more money. Thank you for writing this very interesting post. I look forward to seeing what you have to say next because you’re a very strong talented writer whose work should be looked at more often.
    Nacia Russell

  2. Natalie 3 years ago

    Dear Manny,
    Your blog is really good and strong. I agree with your first paragraph how gentrification affects people of low income very poorly. What Mercado said was true how gentrification pushes people of low income away into more violent neighborhoods that aren’t safe. People of higher income get to live in a more safe community and doesn’t have to worry so much about money. People get evicted from their homes and it is sad to see people being kicked out of their house. They broke a community. This connects to the Echo Park about how they destroyed all those houses to build the Dodger Stadium, they ruined all those peoples homes, broke the family they created in their community to build a stadium. Thank you for sharing this, it was a really strong blog and really interesting to read.


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