Gentrification and Openness by Reese

April 6, 2022


Gentrification and Openness

Gentrification has taken over cities around the world, but we are seeing the biggest impact in our own country. How we think and people’s psychology plays a big role in how we view gentrification. Openness is one of the big five personality traits and shows us how we come into new ways of thinking. In a study done by the University of Cambridge, data showed that those who had more liberal views were more open to change in their local communities. The study also showed that those who are wealthier are more open to the concept of gentrification because they won’t be as affected by it. This is great for these people, but those who cannot afford this open mindedness are paying the price. Residents are being kicked out of their homes in order to help those who can afford the price of gentrification.