Genetic Engineering: Researching an Application by Jaymee

June 1, 2017


Genetic Engineering: Researching an Application

The genetic engineering application I decided to use was entertainment, glow in the dark fish.  The scientist studied the fish  and genetically engineered  embryos in the fish to glow in places overtime where an endocrine disrupting chemical is present in the fish. The pros of glowing fish are: the glowing fish tell the scientist when the water is polluted, they are safe for the environment, and they are easy to multiply due to them being able to produce fluorescent offspring’s. The cons of glowing fish are: humans are not able to eat the fish, if they escape into waterways they cannot survive and they are banned from marketing in certain countries.  The United States and drug administration approved glowing fish for human use .Glowing fish helps out the environment by letting us know when water is polluted or not. An ethical issue that my application raises is that there is no oversight to ensure that new animals that result from genetic engineering are really safe for people and the environment.


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