Often times people wonder what they eat daly? If it was produced in the proper manner as in if it is organic. But some people do not know that the majority of the food they buy are genetically modified. Genetic engineering consist of manually adding new DNA to an organism, which goal is to add new traits that are not the same either to make a product larger or make it grow faster. People are not aware what they eat. I’m not saying that consuming modified products is not healthy, or you can die soon. What I’m trying to say is that not every veggie you eat was processed organically. The reason why I decided to focus on agriculture is because I love food and agriculture really inspires me to gain more knowledge about it. I wonder who were the founders of genetically applying traits to organism? I wonder how has technology made it less healthier? Is there any side effects beyond time in our adulthood?



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  1. KeJahn 4 years ago

    I agree that people are not aware of what they are eating and some of the foods that they eat have been tested on animals and caused abnormal reactions and people eat these things still without knowing some of the effects.

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