Your American values and beliefs come from the way you were raised as a child and form from certain things your family members believe in and what you inherited from them. The way of life and how people think about specific things have changed drastically over the years, but there are a select few of values, traditions, and beliefs that can be from so many generations before you. 

Family is very important when it comes to American values as a whole. “Few people choose their values. Instead, they simply adopt the values of their parents and the dominant values of society. In all likelihood, the values that you internalized as a child remain with you through adulthood,” (Taylor). This is a crucial fact because without the knowledge and teachings of your parents and those who you grew up with, you would be basing your values and beliefs solely off of the things around you and what other people believe in. 

No two families are going to have the same values, but that is what makes all of the families in the world unique and different from one another. Whether it be social, political, religious, or work values, beliefs and traits that are passed down to you in your family is an essential part of your childhood. “The values of the family set the basic tone for the family foundation,” (The Effects of Family Culture on Family Foundations). When you really think about it, if you didn’t have the exact parents you have now that have shaped you into the person you are, you would be completely different from who you are right now. That doesn’t seem like it’d be that big of a deal, but you would have a whole new mindset about the world and your views on everything in the world would be altered. The traditional values would overall be the same, but the way you look at certain things in day to day life would be changed based on what your family embeds in your childhood and early life.

Your family’s traditions can have a bigger impact on you than you may realize, because without them the way you look at certain things would be totally different. (Family values tend to be reflective of the culture and time period and can be seen shifting throughout history depending on the environment,” (Applebury). It could be the easiest, most simple tradition, yet your thoughts about something so small could make a big impact on your way of thinking.

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October 23, 2019 1:17 pm

Ava, I enjoyed reading your response. Although I do agree that family plays an important role, I think that once off on your own, many people change their beliefs because their perspective changes in a new environment. Many people who have moved out, away from their parent’s influence, acquire completely new opinions. I do like that you mention your family gives you a foundation, because you may change your mind, but certain pieces of your original foundation will always be there.

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