During my research, I acquired four reliable sources that I annotated about Gene Therapy.

  1. “Is Gene Therapy Safe? – Genetics Home Reference.” U.S. National Library of Medicine. National Institutes of Health, 23 May 2017. Web. 29 May 2017.
    Annotated Bibliography:
    This website is about the how safe the gene therapy can be for the human body. Since the use of gene therapy is still relatively new they can’t completely foresee future risks. The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) have already set up guidelines for treatments like gene therapy products in order to protect the people in the US. The National Institute of Health (NIH) are responsible for setting up protocols for the safety of gene therapy. Then the Insitute Review Board (IRB) and Insitute Biosafety Committee (IBC) are in charge of approving gene therapy trials before it can carry on. This is a useful site because of its ability to provide the steps necessary for Gene Therapy to happen and be safe. This site and context are not biased because it’s able to provide facts about the protocols. Knowing this context I know that this site will able to give me a better understanding about the involvement of federal agencies in regulating the gene therapy in order to be cautious about the procedures and not only that but it also gives me an idea how much work it would take to prepare a gene therapy.
  2. “Genes and Gene Therapy.” The Facts about Genes and Gene Therapy. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 May 2017.
    Annotated Bibliography:
    In this website, it breaks down the definition of gene therapy and what it does. They also go into explaining what the status of gene therapy is at and how it hasn’t been fully approved for all human use including when it still needs to be more developed. However, they do show the recent progression of gene therapy and their improvements on it. Then they leave it off on some questions to consider before dealing with gene therapy. I would say that this website would be reliable because the whole website itself deals with medical information and is able to use specific events in their context as evidence. This information would be able to help me because I would be able to use more specific examples when I explain my opinion about the use of gene therapy.
  3. “Gene Therapy.” Mayo Clinic. Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, 13 Sept. 2016. Web. 29 May 2017.
    Annotated Bibliography:
    In this website, it explains the known risks that are involved when using gene therapy since genes aren’t simply inserted directly into your genes it has to use a carrier called a vector. They also list a few more risk that is involved with gene therapy. Risk such as your immune system recognizes that a foreign virus and attempt to attack it or the virus itself may be able to cause diseases. It’s also possible that the modified virus would infect more than just the targeted cells which can result in healthy cells getting harmed as well and if new genes are not properly placed in the right area, a new issue can arise such as tumors. I find the website quite reliable because they are able to recognize possible casualties that may occur in this treatment and by recognizing that I am able to see that even though gene therapy would be able to help people there is a possibility that it may also hurt.
  4. “List of Pros and Cons of Gene Therapy.” OccupyTheory. N.p., 13 Apr. 2015. Web. 29 May 2017.
    Annotated Bibliography:
    This website focuses on two sides to using gene therapy and two sides to how people perceive it. On the positive side to gene therapy, we are able to explore more capabilities to saving people by destroying diseases and replacing cells that are defective in the human body. However, even with such great treatment, not everyone will be able to have access to such treatment because of the fact that only the rich would be able to access it. The cost of gene therapy would be too great and if the treatment is not successful then it’s possible that there can be a chance of developing a disorder. Lastly, if we carry on with continuously enhancing the capability of a human to great extent, then where do we draw the line? We would be creating humans to have only desirable traits and making them better thus can result in an army of enhanced humans beyond the regular human power. I believe this website is a great depiction of people concerns and hope in science on saving those who are disadvantaged and can be strengthened. Thus would allow me to develop a better argument on my point of view on the issue. By seeing two sides of this it allows me to think harder about whether gene therapy is the best way to go for the human race.


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