While the opposing side is understandably concerned about the gender pay gap there are still many debatable issues that come into play. There is not a gender pay gap but the evidence shows that there is a gender earnings gap.

In an article written by Liz Lopez she tries to make the point that women in general make less than men, “While women working full time based on median annual full time earnings, earn 78 cents to every dollar that a man earns” (Lopez)  This is a common statistic that is used throughout the United States by people arguing the gender pay gap issue. The problem with this statistic is that it is easily manipulated. John Phelan weighs in on the gender pay gap and says, “This sort of discrimination has been illegal in the United States since the passage of the Equal Pay Act in 1963″ (Phelan)  If women were actually getting paid less than men throughout the country every law office would be flooded with court cases. Phelan also states that “According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2017 men worked an average of 8.05 hours in an average day compared to 7.24 hours for women.” This statistic itself presents the argument that the average pay may be smaller due to the fact that men work more than women and that the pay could be the same if the hours matched up (Phelan).

Mark Perry a professor of economics, and finance at the University of Michigan does not believe in the gender pay gap. He states, “What certainly does exist is a well-documented gender earnings gap when the adjusted median earnings of men and women are compared with out correcting for any of the dozens of relevant factors that explain the natural differences in earnings by gender.” this statement draws the lines that show that there is a not a pay gap but an earnings gap. The article written by Perry shows the statistical view that analyzes not just the black and white issue that generally shows but also the different factors greatly affect it (Perry). Author Karen Lips from the Forbes website has also written an article about the topic and also agrees that there are more factors that decide how the statistics show the proper evidence, “Using the statistic that women make 78 cents on the dollar as evidence of rampant discrimination has been debunked over and over again. That statistic doesn’t take into account a lot of choices that women and men make—education, years of experience and hours worked—that influence earnings.” In this quote from Lips she also agrees that the perspectives align and that it is a multi faceted issue that can’t be communicated by just one set of manipulated statistics (Lips).

When all of the evidence has been reviewed, an opinion can be formed that the gender pay gap is a false claim that is not supported by evidence. The reason people keep getting women make 78 cents to a man’s dollar is due to manipulated statistics that don’t represent a whole bunch of other factors. The people supporting the gender pay gap are generally tending to make a black and white fallacy by just saying that men make more money than women, when in reality there are more statistics that have to factor in to get an accurate representation of the statistics. In the issue of the gender pay gap it is now understood that it is a myth. The real problem is a gender earnings gap due to many different factors that influence the statistical numbers.


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