Gender neutral bathrooms project reflection by Syeda

May 24, 2019


Gender neutral bathrooms project reflection

When we started our project, we didn’t really have a goal. We were just trying to get more gender neutral bathrooms in public places. Our project hasn’t been successful, because our petition only got 2 people who signed. Our blog got a couple of people to view it, but they didn’t do anything besides read the posts.

Our project wasn’t successful.

Our petition didn’t get many people who signed. We promoted it pretty well. We put the link to the petition on some of our blog posts and on our group Instagram account. We emailed it to the ninth grade at our school as well. 38 people viewed it, and 13 people shared it, but like I said above, only 2 people actually signed the petition. We didn’t get the attention of any social media influencers either, so the only people promoting the petition were in our group.

Our blog was slightly more successful, but the people who viewed it didn’t do anything else that would help promote our cause. Overall, 16 people viewed our blog. The most viewed post on our blog had 11 views, at last count. We have 3 followers, and one of them isn’t from our school.

Overall, we got people to look at our blog posts and listen to what we were saying, but we didn’t change anything. If we had to do our project over again, we would probably need more time to be successful. I feel like we also should have put more effort into creating our petition, because we just typed the first thing that came to mind and put in a picture that related to gender neutral bathrooms. Also, I think it would have helped if we had had time to put ourselves out there. For example, I think liking and commenting on blogs relating to ours might have helped. We should also have focused more on our Instagram account, because Instagram’s more popular and a lot of people are constantly on it.

Even though our project wasn’t successful, I learned a lot.

If you want to check out our blog (we have memes and informational posts on there) this is the link-