The topic of gatekeeping is being seen more and more with the use of technology. It is the act of only letting certain information about a place or an event be exposed. Gatekeeping can be applied to distinct situations. The aspect of gatekeeping is negative to an extent because it creates a barrier between those who feel entitled to certain information and those who want to expand their knowledge. 

    In the news and social media, there is certain information that is being presented to the public. A consequence is “gatekeeping process shapes and produces various images of reality, not only because some bits of information are selected and others rejected, but because communication agents put information together in different ways” (Shoemaker). There are different realities to each person based on the type of information they are exposed to. This can be dangerous to the morals of a person. If a person is exposed to outdated information or information that favors other aspects of politics, food, or people, then it creates a closed-minded person. Gatekeeping can completely alter how society views conflicting topics. This word can be intertwined in any situation. A notorious form of social media today is TikTok. Through this app, many restaurants, shops, and special locations have benefited from the millions of views a 15-second video takes of that location. With that fame, it brings in a lot of customers which the business profits off of; on the contrary, people become irritated when small businesses are invaded. Since gatekeeping “decides what information should move past them to a group or individuals” sometimes the most important information or purpose can get lost (“Gatekeeping Theory”). Yes, it is irritating when the local restaurants are not just locals anymore but it is important to be reminded that it is a business. A business needs to survive and they do this by their customers and popularity. 

Gatekeeping can be a toxic habit that destroys the true background of locations or even cultures. Society should be entitled to learn about unique subjects and not be limited to certain information. 

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