Today’s world is filled with technology. We use it in almost every aspect of our lives. Many argue that technology is hurting our ability to learn because it is a constant distraction. This is because students often use social media and games as a distraction from studying. Many also argue that technology distracts us from the important things, like family. However technology that help students to grow their knowledge, save lives, and connect to people far away. Technology helps the world, not hinders it.

Technology helps students. There are many online tools that can improve a student’s learning experience. Quizlet provide students with flashcards and mini games to help memorize information, Diigo and Citelighter allow students to annotate articles online, Prezi and Powtoon help students to present research in new and interesting ways. In a survey by the National School Boards Association, 96 percent of student with online access said they use social networking, and half used it for discussing schoolwork (Bumgardner para 3). It is clear that students are using social networking and other websites to talk about and study school work. When students discuss schoolwork with each other they are more likely to understand the schoolwork. By using online tools, students are able to keep better track of their information and resources. All these websites were created to help students learn and grow. In this way technology is used in a positive way- it is helping the world.

Technology is used to save lives. Medical technology has come a long way. We now have many forms of technology that assist doctors. Digital imaging machines help doctors to better diagnose and fix problems because they can better see the problem. These machines also make it possible to diagnose diseases when they are in their early stages giving more time for treatment. Video conferencing technology allows doctors to treat patients in remote locations and to consult other doctors that are miles away(McGinnis para 3). When doctors can consult far way experts they are more likely to make the right decision regarding their patient. Most importantly let us not forget the many machines that make up life support and keep numerous people alive everyday. Without all these technology many more lives would be lost. In this way technology helps the word, not hinders it.

Technology can be used to connect people who are far away. Skype, Google Hangouts, and Facetime allow people across the world to talk face to face. Not only does this help doctors (as stated in the previous paragraph) but they can help businesses to make deals or families to stay connected. Video Chatting not the only beneficial technology to connect people. Texting, phone calls, online chats, document sharing sites, and more. They all can connect people who are far away from each other. Huffington Post reports that, “In the next six years, we’re likely to see most of humanity connected to one another in some form of a mobile device.”(Chan para 5). The world today is smaller than it ever has been because we are more connected than we ever have been. This increased connection allows us to share ideas, thoughts, and goals. We can learn more about each other than ever before and we can support each other more than ever before. While many use online sources to criticize- we can grow from criticism as well. We can all learn from each other. Technology is good because it connects us all.

Technology helps the world, not hinders it. Technologies help our future generations to learn, they help us save lives, and they bring us together. Some argue that we spend too much times on our technology, and this is sometimes true. An article in the New York times states that, “people consume 12 hours of media a day on average”(Richtel para 32).While many argue that technology distracts us from the world around us, I argue that it connects us to the world around us. Even though we often spend too much time on our phones, the advantages of technology outweigh the disadvantages. Technology has more potential to help than to hinder. It is fundamentally good.

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November 12, 2017 5:59 am

Hello Claire, I thought it was really interesting reading an article focusing on the benefits of technology. It’s uplifting as a member of a tech-oriented generation. You listed a lot of examples of how technology has benefited the lives of many. I believe it is important to acknowledge that social media is being used for good, but also it is entirely dependent on the individual. While many will benefit, social media also acts as an efficient medium to disseminate poorly informed opinions and other harmful information.
Social media, and the I-gneration’s dependency on technology has shifted our brain’s ability to gather and process information. Here is an interesting article about how technology has influenced our minds:

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