Fund Planned Parenthood not defund by Carelis

December 14, 2017


Fund Planned Parenthood not defund

Many people are aware of the current debate that is going on about Planned Parenthood whether it should be funded or not. Most people think that Planned Parenthood is just for abortions, in reality, Planned Parenthood provides millions with healthcare. I personally believe that Planned Parenthood should stay funded. If not than millions of people will be without healthcare.

Planned Parenthood is actually the nation’s leading healthcare provider. Providing 2.4 million people a year(Planned Parenthood). Planned Parenthood provides millions of people with std testing, birth control, and breast cancer exams for to name a few. The majority of the people that go to Planned Parenthood live in low-income urban areas.

Some of Planned Parenthood patients are on Medicaid or Title X (both public health care programs). By defunding Planned Parenthood we would be taking away Planned Parenthood services from those on public health care programs(Planned Parenthood). Though it is a common thought that a lot of government spending goes to public health care programs when only 5% of the government budget goes to public health care program, while 54% goes to military spending (Hyde).

A misconception about Planned Parenthood is that it is the main service is abortions. Surprisingly enough only ⅓ of those that get abortions go to Planned Parenthood while the other ⅔ go to other healthcare providers, that’s less than 50%(Chapman). In fact, out of all the services, Planned Parenthood provides only 3% of those services are abortions(Chapman).  So, as you can see Planned Parenthood is not just for abortions.

Though many people do not want planned parenthood funded because of their stance of pro-life or pro-choice. Others bring up the topic of that taxpayer’s money goes to planned parenthood, so those who are pro-life do not like the idea of their money going to abortions. Though their money is not being spent on abortion because Planned Parenthood is not allowed to spend taxpayers money on abortions.

Another good thing Planned Parenthood does is provide women and men that live in poor urban areas with common health care services anyone should be able to get. If you take a look at Texas it will show you what might happen in America if you defund Planned Parenthood. Texas defunded in 2013 since then there was a 27% increase in birth rates (Culp-Ressler). Now, this is not just because abortions were not available but because women were not able to get simple medication such as birth control. Birth control is not just used for as ant-contraceptive it can also be used to help those with Anemia that way they are able to keep as much blood as they can.

Planned Parenthood provides many good services for everyone. Planned Parenthood provides healthcare to those who would not be able to have any health care otherwise. Though people think that Planned Parenthood is just for abortions, you are now informed that Planned Parenthood provides many other simple healthcare services to millions. By defunding Planned Parenthood the government would be taking away healthcare to millions of people that deserve to have healthcare.  Hopefully, after reading this you are able to see all the positives effects of funding Planned Parenthood.


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