After Satsuki finds her father dead on their property, she goes on a quest to avenge his murderer, as the man who is found guilty she knows is innocent. She comes in contact with a detective who uses the alias K who agrees to help her find the culprit. They soon find that someone is responsible for a chain of murders along with Satsuki’s father’s death which point to the culprit being able to use an object to kill people from afar. The object is actually called the Death Note, a book in which one can write the name of a human and that human will die. Satsuki, along with K, find the culprit in her own school and bring him to justice, but he escapes without questioning. But, the Death Note will never be seen again.

I based my project on the anime series called Death Note. My story involves a man who kills people with an object called the death note where he could write their names and they would suffer a heart attack. I also used the same concept of a detective concealing his name with an initial trying to catch the killer. I used the names and some of the baselines in my story as another show, Kill la kill, but my main plot centers around death note. I created a scenario where the detective wins because in Death Note the series, the killer beats him and eventually kills him, which I was reluctant to accept. Some minor details and characters from several other shows also appear because at the time, those shows happened to cross my mind as I worked on the project. After that, I made this combination of stories my own with some of my own concepts and ideas.

Story Script Act 1

Satsuki, who just got into an argument with her father, gets up from the dinner table and throws away her empty cup of ramen. She notices her father is missing.
Satsuki: Hey, dad!
No response. Satsuki begins to feel worried. She raises her voice.

Satsuki: Dad? Dad!

There’s a noise outside and a sound like someone falling. Satsuki feels fear rising in her gut, and she runs to the door, searching all the rooms of the house as she passes. She leaps outside and hears the sound of footsteps. She sprints toward them, her senses going into overdrive. Horrible images fill her head.

Satsuki: Dad, where are you?

She makes her way through the thick brush to a clearing, slightly lit by the moon’s glow. She sees her father, strewn on the ground, with a gleaming blade in his side. Blood is splattered across the ground, staining her father’s white lab coat. Sat suki: (screams)DAD!

She runs to his side, her face full of surprise, dread, and fear.

Jiro Matoi, Satsuki’s Father: Satsuki, listen to me. I don’t have any time to waste. Go to the one with the notebook, find the secret hidden in what dug the old man into his grave, then you will find the one who used my name to bind me to my death.
Satsuki: Dad, you’re not making sense! Who did this to you? I need to get you to— There’s a rustle in the bushes and Satsuki sees a shadow of a man. Anger fills her, combined with hostile fear, and she darts forward, chasing after the footsteps.

Satsuki: Wait here, Dad.
Jiro Matoi: No, wait. There’s something more I need to tell you!
Satsuki is deaf in her rage as she charges after the figure. Just as she the moon lights up the trees, she sees a figure dart into the darkness, holding a black notebook. Satsuki: Hey! Come back!
She stares into the dark forest beyond, realizing that she could no longer see him. Suddenly, she remembers her father and runs back to his body, only to find his eyes staring blankly up at the starry sky. Forgetting her rage, she grabs his hand.
Satsuki: Dad! Dad, wake up! DAD!
She grips his hand and feels the cold, lifeless touch envelop her. She begins to sob. Satsuki: DAD!

Scene 2:

Satsuki is at school, drooling in class while her math teacher drones on.

Ms. Fukuhara, the teacher: What’s 1,000 minus 7, Satsuki?

Satsuki: *snores*
Ms. Fukuhara: Satsuki, WAKE UP!
Satsuki wakes up, drool spilling onto her desk as she whips her head up.
Satsuki: Um, sorry, Ms. Fukuhara. What?
Ms. Fukuhara: sighs What’s 1,000 minus 7?
Satsuki: A Tokyo Ghoul reference? She yawns rubbing her eyes.
Class snickers and Satsuki’s friend laughs
Satsuki’s friend, Suzune: whispers Good one Satsuki!
Ms. Fukuhara frowns with disgust and confusion, obviously not getting the unintentional joke.
Ms. Fukuhara: * sniffs* Satsuki, you now have detention for half of the lunch period for sleeping in class, *cough* extremely disrespectful *cough*. Now please turn to page 84 in your textbook and wipe that disgusting drool off your face.
The bell rings soon after and an embarrassed Satsuki waits for half a lunch period, then leaves the classroom, accompanied by a laughing Suzune.
Satsuki: I can’t believe I said that!
She cringes inwardly
Suzune: *Laughs * I can! You even dream about anime! *laughs again*
Satsuki: Anyway, what do you have for lunch?
Suzune: *sighs* I have some ham sandwiches with some money for soda. You? Satsuki: I have a cup of ramen from the convenience store, a canelle from the Sakura Bakery, and some money for soda, too.
Suzune: Lucky! I wish I could just buy my food like you!
Satsuki: *sighs* Honestly, count yourself lucky, I have no money for school trips after all this.
Suzune: Well, you always sneak in anyway!
Satsuki: *chortles* I guess you’re right.
Suzune: So, what entrance exam are you going to take for high school?
They sit down on a bench in the school grounds where a cherry blossom tree stands. Suzune unwraps her lunch, which is wrapped in a pink cloth with little bunnies on it. Satsuki: I don’t really know. I haven’t thought about my future in a while.
Suzune gives her a worried look, remembering how Satsuki had promised herself that she would find her father’s killer. She had kept the knife that was used, waiting for the time when she could give it back to the man she hated most.
Suzune: Yeah, I get where you’re coming from. I haven’t thought about anything outside just passing all the classes here.
Satsuki: Hey, what soda do you want, melon or grape?
Suzune: Grape, thanks!

Scene 3:

The two girls proceed throughout the day together, speaking of trivial things and laughing at meaningless jokes. After school, Satsuki walks home and spots a shadowy figure in a crowd of people waiting outside a cake shop that just opened. As she passes she hears…
Strange Man: Hey, you’re Matoi’s daughter, right?
Satsuki froze, then rapidly looked around, fearful and confused.
Satsuki: What?
Strange Man: If you want to know what happened to your father, come and buy some cake with me.
Satsuki: Wait, huh? Who are you?
Strange Man: I’ll be at the fifth table to the right of the entrance.
Then he disappeared and Satsuki was pushed along with the crowd into the stuffed, wonderful smelling M Cake Shop. Once she found table five, she saw that there was an odd looking figure sitting there awaiting her. Flustered, she strode up to him.
Satsuki: Who are you? What do you know about my dad?
Strange Man: Shhh, come sit down. I’ll tell you.
The table was in a secluded part of the shop where few people could look on. It was loud and there was music playing. Satsuki reluctantly sat down, confused.
Strange Man: Good. Now order something. We’re going to be here for a while.
Satsuki stared at the man’s face and realized he was not much older than her. He had dark black hair that fell on either sides of his head like a waterfall and cold black eyes with dark circles ringed under then. He was wearing a white tee shirt and jeans and casually sipping a cup of tea, waiting for her to speak.
Satsuki: Okay, okay, but tell me who you are and how you know about me and my father!
Strange Man: I’ll answer your questions in order. I’m a special investigator with the police brigade here as well as the detective known as K. As for how I know your father, I encountered your case a long time ago, and I found it quite interesting. I intend to discuss this with you, Miss Matoi.
Satsuki: You’re K? K was a world famous detective who had solved the most difficult cold cases of all time, he was famous from originally solving the case of the serial killer John Boe at the age of eleven. He is often referred to as the modern Sherlock Holmes, as no one knows his real name.
Satsuki: So you worked on the case for my father’s death?
K: Yes, I did. I believe that you have an item in your possession that would prove helpful to me?
Satsuki frowned. She knew he wanted the knife. But how did he know?

Satsuki: How did you know?
K: Easy, the knife that had impaled your father had to be a small dagger, I’m guessing with about a three inch blade. Smooth, sharp edge, leather handle? When the authorities got to the scene, the blood wound was fresh and had been kept open for several hours, but had began to become infected. The blood was only slightly dry so the blade must have been pulled out about three hours before the body was discovered. Since you were the only person to set foot near the corpse after it was impaled, it was obviously you who pulled out the blade.
Satsuki was stunned.
Satsuki: Amazing.
K: No, it is not. It is simply because you people see, but do not observe. Satsuki is confused by this.
Satsuki: So you’re trying to find my father’s killer now too, right?
K: Correct, and so are you. I am not wrong? The reason why I take interest in this solved case was because of the circumstances. The man who was suspected for Matoi’s death was Mr. Hank Phillips, whose DNA matched that of the residue on the corpse. He had no grudges against Mr. Matoi nor did he even know him. He has no mental unrest either. Yet he took a knife from who knows where and stabbed Mr. Matoi while on his evening walk in the woods. It is nothing more than obvious that it was not his intention to kill your father.
Satsuki: So who made him do it?
K: I have a theory that I will discuss on a later date at my office. I’ll give you a hint. Someone is playing puppet master with the people of this town. Watch yourself and enjoy the cake, Satsuki Matoi.

Then K stood up, nodded at Satsuki, and strode out with a box of cake in his hand. Satsuki stood dumbfounded at the cake box containing a delicious piece of strawberry short cake with a small note under it with the words.

Nice meeting you, Satsuki Matoi. I hope to dine with you again. Please see me at 9:30 AM on Thursday at Kirigaya Offices Police Committee downtown if you wish to learn more. 11th floor, office 306. Bring your little present. Ask for Ryuzaki at the front desk. Say you’re there for a meeting. I’ll have some more cake ready.

—Ryuzaki K

Satsuki sighed.

Satsuki: What am I going to do now?

Act 2:

Scene 1: Satsuki nervously makes her way down the crowded city streets to the giant facility of Kirigaya Offices Police Committee, nervous. She walks into the giant lobby and comes up to the tired receptionist.
Satsuki: Excuse me, I have a meeting scheduled with Mr. Ryuzaki at 9:30 a.m. Receptionist: Got it. Your last name?

Satsuki: Matoi.
Receptionist: Picks up phone Mr. Ryuzaki, Ms. Matoi is here to see you. She hung up the phone. He’s been expecting you. Office 306, 11th floor.
Satsuki: Thank you! She then proceeded to the elevator and clicked the button and a few seconds later, the doors opened. Once she arrived on the 11th floor, she scanned the doors until she found 306, which seemed to be a big room. She opened the door and saw K sitting with a piece of cake on his desk. There were also three other people in the room, one very tall, frowning man in a black suit, a woman with short cropped blond hair, and another man with a thin and youthful physique.
K: I’m so glad you could come, Ms. Matoi. Please, before we begin, let me introduce me subordinates.
Man in black suit: I’m Hiro Fujiwarai. Pleasure to work with you.
Blond haired woman: Nice to meet you, I’m Akira Suzuki.
Younger man: I’m John Tatum, from the American Department of Kirigaya.
Satsuki: Nice to meet you all. I’m Satsuki Matoi.
K: Now that you’re all pals, let’s get to the point. Ms. Matoi, the knife.
Satsuki took the blade out of her bookbag and set it on the desk in front of K.
K: Ah yes, that’s exactly what I wanted to see. Just as I told you, am I correct?
Satsuki nods.
K: Me and my associates have discovered a pattern of unlikely, odd deaths which all occurred in this same city, which we believe are linked to the uncanny death of your father. Akira, the facts…
Akira Suzuki: Honso Galarza, former minor criminal, suffered heart attack while proctoring an entrance exam, downtown Shinjuku. Franklyn Yen, murdered two people in 2005, died of heart attack while in custody, Shinjuku. John O’Leary, alleged serial killer, died of a heart attack two days after Yen and four days after Galarza,Tokyo. Twenty one other criminals have died in the same circumstances, as well as one other new case that happened yesterday of a man named Ayato Kirishima who was convicted of murder, then was stabbed by a police officer who died of a heart attack thirty seconds later. Reports say something came over the man and he was not himself, he did not respond to speech or even Kirishima’s yelling before he killed him. We believe this

evidence points to one person who holds the power to manipulate who dies and when. Furthermore, your father is assumed to have been one of the targets.
K: Thank you, Akira. Whoever this is is only killing criminals—excluding your father—so they must believe they are passing some sort of righteous judgement on the world. What do you think, Ms. Matoi?

Satsuki: Well, uh, I don’t see why someone like that would want to kill my dad! Plus, that’s impossible.
K: Nothing is impossible anymore, Ms. Matoi. What was your father like before he was murdered, may I ask?

Satsuki: He was–he was acting strange. He was always on edge, like he knew what was going to happen.
K: Because he did! I did some digging myself through Mr. Fujisaki, and I know that your family has had ties to history through encounters with possible “death gods” ever since your ancestors, the Kiriyuins, came in contact with them many years ago. Your father knew, so our culprit killed him off, made it look like an accident, and continued his killing spree. Any suggestions on what we do now, Satsuki?
Satsuki: Um….we should try and find him.
K: Exactly, a live broadcast! The criminals that are being killed off are only ones that show up in the news so the culprit must watch television. John, send out a live broadcast tonight on the six o’clock news, I’ll be there.
John Tatum: Got it!
He rushes out of the room.
K: I will be tempting him to come out of hiding and strike us again. He seems the type who can get inflamed easily, so if we trigger him, he’ll do something rash and we’ll know. The culprit seems to kill using names or faces, so we’ll use fake identities. Call me Ryuzaki. Hiro, you’re Hikaru Yagami. Akira, you’re Julietta Ohkubo. Ms. Matoi, you will be Nagisa Arakawa now. Got it?
All: Yes, Mr. Ryuzaki.
K: Good.
A teenaged boy comes in and takes the plate of cake from K.
Boy: Good morning Mr. Ryuzaki, hope you’re having a good day today! Here is your tea.
K: Very good thanks, Watari.
Later, in Watari’s house in Shinjuku, a small television blares the message from K and Watari lurks in front of it, holding a pen to his black notebook.
Watari: Bring it on, Mr. Ryuzaki.

Act 3:

Watari Fujisaki had stumbled upon an enchanted notebook that had fallen from the sky. Inside, there were directions..

Watari had always had a sense of justice about him. He believed he could change the world for the better, so when he suddenly came upon the death note, he was finally able to exercise that power. While he only killed criminals, he would also eliminate anyone who stood in his way. When he realized that Jiro Matoi, a scientist who researched death and the state of rigor mortis, knew about the death note and who was using it, he quickly arranged a false murder using Matoi’s unsuspecting neighbor as his cover. The death note had allowed him manipulate the actions a person makes before they die, thus he was able to stage a murder. What he didn’t know about was that Matoi’s teenaged daughter, Satsuki, was home at the time and witnessed his death. He soon panicked, knowing that if she realized what really happened and went to the right investigators, he would be in major trouble.The knife that he had given the neighbor to use was the same as the ones that were used by demented criminals who were fated to commit homicide with their fellow inmates. Watari’s ultimate goal was for people to realize his existence and fear him, revering him as a god. If someone were to expose him though, he would be as good as dead. When he realized who Satsuki was and that she attended his school, he decided to befriend Suzune, thus allowing him to monitor her. He asked her some questions about her father’s death, saw that she suspected someone like a death note user, and tried to convince her she was wrong. One day at school, Satsuki was eating lunch with Suzune and he approached her, smiling. He was very attractive and had a good demeanor, so it was easy for him to manipulate Suzune and Satsuki. Keep in mind, he does not know her first name, as Satsuki was told by K that when she introduced herself for the new school year, she go by Nagisa to her peers. Suzune agreed to call her Nagisa as well.

Watari: Hey, Nagisa, Suzune, me and my friends were thinking of going to the Eda High Rise after school for a party. Do you two want to come?
Satsuki and Suzune: Sure! What time?
Watari: I’d say about 3:00 p.m. It’ll be me, Hinata, and a couple of other people.

Hinata was one of Suzune’s friends.

Satsuki: Oh cool, we’ll be there.

Watari: Great!

At 3:00 after school, Satsuki and Suzune made their way to the giant Eda High Rise and onto the roof where Watari and Hinata were standing.
Satsuki: Hi guys! Where are all the other people?
Watari: ( smiling) Oh, you’re all we need.

Then Hinata, Suzune’s friend runs toward her and pins her down. Suzune screams, but her mouth is covered by Hinata.
Satsuki: SUZUNE!
She tries to lunge at Watari but he pushes her back.

Watari: You see, Nagisa, I’ve been onto you for a while now. I know you’re Matoi’s daughter and that you know of the power of the notebook.
Hinata starts to strangle Suzune.
Watari: Now, what is your real name? Tell me, Nagisa! Hinata strangles Suzune harder. Satsuki realizes that he still doesn’t know her real name. If she tells him her full, real name she will die. But Suzune is going to die if I don’t, she thought.

Watari: Come on now, chop chop. Can’t have you waiting forever. Suzune is at the brink of suffocation.
Satsuki cries.
Satsuki: My real name is……. Suzune writhes, unable to breath.

Satsuki: S-S- Satsu- Just then, a storm of police come barging through the roof doors, all in swat uniforms. They point their guns straight at Watari’s head. Suzune goes limp. K enters the scene.
K: Well, well, well, seems we found our culprit: Watari Fujisaki .

Watari lets go of Satsuki.

Watari: Why are you here?
K: It’s a shame really, such genius wasted upon someone like you. You’re not the observant type, I gather. I’ve been watching you all along. Ms. Matoi has been very helpful to me. Now show me the book.
Watari: Never! I’ll never surrender my powers to scum such as you. I will be a god!
He takes out a notebook and writes down the name Nothing happens.
Watari: Why? Why isn’t it working?
K: You fool, that’s not my name. Frankly, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but you will never find my real name. Call me K, if you like. ‘Tis a shame you must die, you made wonderful tea.
Watari: You’re K?
K: You could say that. Now you are surrounded. Make one move and you’re dead. What do you do? Do you come with us, or do you chose a different fate, I’m really want to know!

Watari: I will not share the secret of the notebook with you people. I am an advocate for justice, I punish the evil.
Satsuki: Then what about my dad and Suzune? Were they EVIL?!!
Watari: They were in my way. Your little friend is merely a sacrifice.

Satsuki: Go burn in HELL! She rips the knife out of her pocket and charges towards him. He stops her, but the blade grazes his cheek. Satsuki is crying.
K: Stop Ms. Matoi! We need him!
Watari: That’s just the way it is, Ms. Matoi. People die so other people can climb on top of their corpses. I’m sure your father knew that as well. I’m not going to be one of the corpses you climb. Well, without further ado, I bid you goodbye…. He sighed and slowly scrawled in his notebook He turned, put his foot on the edge of the railing, stood up to face everyone in front of him, his back to the sky. Then, he pushed his foot off the wall. He smiled, then began to laugh harder and harder.

Watari: …….Satsuki Matoi.
And he fell.
Satsuki is frozen.
As Watari falls, laughing, he throws his death note into the wind, watching it drift farther and farther away from the building, into the blue sky. He knows his reign is over, but he had fun while it lasted. Now he would become the topper of a grand pile of corpses where another would stand. It would go on and on, until there was no more. He was just the beginning. Satsuki would find her peace, but she would continue to search for the death note’s remains until adulthood. Suzune would survive, just barely. K would work with Satsuki to recover the death note and it’s users. Hinata, who was being controlled by him, would drop dead soon after. All was still moving, but his time ended there. No more, no less. Never a regret to be shed. Only the truth, which never lied. Who was he to say who lives and who dies in a world so cruel?

And thus was the end of Fujisaki’s Death Note.

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November 13, 2016 11:05 pm

Hey Amelia,

I am here for your animation called “Fujisaki’s Death Note” because I’ve watched part of an anime called “Death Note”.

One part of your animation that stood out to me was when Fujisaki killed himself and let the “Death Note” pass on to someone else, unlike the anime where the detective dies instead. I think this is a better ending because I, personally, enjoy having an anime with a happy ending. Don’t most people do?

Another part I enjoyed was when it turned out that Fujisaki was working for K the entire time. This stood out to me because it showed how K was looking for Fujisaki when Fujisaki was right in front of him the entire time.

Your animation reminds me of something I thought of before. When I was younger, I hated a lot of people (mostly because they yelled at me or didn’t give me candy) and because of this, I wanted to have a book where I wrote down all their names. I don’t know why I wanted to do this because it would help with nothing, but hey, I was like 7.

Thanks for your animation! I can’t wait to see more of your work in the future…..(hopefully more anime based ones).

Best wishes in your art,

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