From Fall To Winter by Angie

March 11, 2021


From Fall To Winter

The smoke dances out of the grill

Waltzing into the charcoal colored sky 

Decorated with diamonds that are forever glistening until the sun rises. 

The trees form a choir, their soft whispers can be heard from afar. 

Humming quietly as they sway side to side.

The leaves leap off of the shaggy branches and

Lie gently on the crystal colored water  

That occasionally stops by to say hello 

When the deciduous trees drop their orange and yellow coats 

Allowing the subglacial lake to be seen beyond the auburn fence that we all tried to climb over when we were younger .

The sound of rusty trampoline springs singing and children laughing fills the silence

That once left us deep in thought 

The scent of red velvet fills the air as the moon hides behind the porcelain colored clouds and the fireflies greet us from the last of the emerald colored bushes.

The purple and pink balloons put up a good fight as the wind pushes them harshly into each other every once and a while 

But when the sun peaks over the bare maple trees

the silence returns and

the party ends but the last piece of cake awaits you in the morning

Waiting to be eaten and remembered until next year.