She remembers waiting three hours in the cold rain. 
dense and humid air made her clothes cling to her body.
She remembers entering the building,
the air conditioning refreshing her glistened face.
She remembers the murmur of the crowd around her,
every minute passing the louder her surroundings become.
She remembers the lights slowly dimming
until she couldn’t even see the back of the heads in front of her.
She remembers the close proximity of everyone,
bodies packed closely together with little space to move.
There wasn’t any space to call hers.
She remembers hearing the first note, sending everyone into a frenzy.
melody moving everyone in a left to right motion
like the waves in the sea.
She remembers bodies clashing together to the beat of the music.
She remembers the music getting louder,
bass so loud her could barely hear her own thinking.
She remembers how quickly the night progressed,
it felt like only seconds for her;
ethe darkness of the evening was long for the outside world.
She remembers the train ride back home,
a secret vow that she would never forget that night.
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March 25, 2019 3:46 pm

Dear Mariam,
Your poem “frenzy” is very relatable. I remember a moment in time when something like this happened. Your poem made me feel different emotions depending on the line that I was on. Your poem does a great job at evoking memories and different emotions.
Your poem creates a an image that I can relate to. Line 10, “bodies packed closely together with little space to move” makes me feel claustrophobic. I can imagine bodies crammed together like sardines in can.
Another line that I really liked is, “She remembers how quickly the night progressed,” I can relate to that. It reminds me about all the times the night has gone quickly and I couldn’t believe it. This line is not only relatable but it also makes me feel content and happy.
Your poem reminds me of the different concerts and games that I have been too. A small place where I was in close proximity with people and I felt claustrophobic. It reminds me of the long nights spent having fun and enjoying life.
I can’t wait to read more of your work. Your work is relatable and creates an image and a memory at the same time.

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