Money, Happiness, Freedom, Peace are frequently mentioned when you are asked, “What do you most desire in life”, and I often ask myself “Where does that feeling come from?”  Desires provide a motivational force in pursuing our goals.  With these strong feelings of wanting toward a specific object there is promise in personal pleasure or gain.  Understanding where these desires come from is crucial in having genuine intentions for yourself.  Our reality is formed by factors that we can break the parameters of desire formation into six aspects: your role, the object, time, other people, your subconscious and actions.

The subconscious intrigued me most when reading Desire’s Series by Sasha Genji when she said, “Since you create and suppress your own happiness; you keep the key to your own treasures, which under the right conditions can open up a whole new world around you.”  Desires are inside you, running within you, and waiting to be brought to life.  There is limitless amount of desires a person has and the opportunities to pursue them can create new possibilities.  

I desire to be successful in everything I do, whether that is getting into the college of my dreams or having a quality job.  Being successful is important to my personality, I won’t settle for anything but the best. I do not know if my success will take place in two weeks or two months but I will continue to take steps forward.  I think this wanting can be attributed to growing up in a stable home.  The last step is action, and right now all I can do is take every aspect of my life and strive to be the best I can.  Going through the six parameters of desire formation will make you realize is you goal is genuine to who you are. So, ask yourself “Where are your desires coming from?”

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