So many dreams, forgotten
This one comes true
I open my eyes and feel minuscule before the towering force of ancient, sleeping mountains
I take a deep breath in
Air, clean as a crisp, blank page fills my lungs
My ears perk up
Grass rustles, calling me, begging me to start writing
I question myself
What should I be?
How does my story start?
What should I write?
Time flies by
Fire soon cackles, lighting up the abyss of eternal black
I flop over
I can see one star
One star surrounded by clouds of helplessness
Silent fear takes over my body
I wonder:
Where do I start?
What do I say?
Am I where I am meant to be?
Dreams forgotten,
All because of reality
Forcing us to stay clear of fantasy
A haze that we can not touch
I want to touch it
It is an implicit rule
I have to stay in reality
In the moment
Where I am almost sure that I do not belong
I have realized what others can not
It is a curse
It is a gift
Why me?
What did I do?
I look up,
One star
Just that one
Clouds clear up a little
Another star: a shimmering ball of hope
Fighting the fear of clouds
Protecting their people
Protecting us
From the menace of greed
Hope, they must find each other
Find me
And slither through the evil and captivity the clouds have given us
Find me
Tell me;
Who I am,
I wish…
I question again:
Why did I realize, and no one else did?
What has this place brought on me?
Who am I?
What must I do?
Am I?
Can I be?
Do I want to be?
The black haze
I want to go
I want to go more than anything in the world
If I take the dive, then I’ll have to fly
I look up at the stars
They seem to flash at me
Something starts to beat inside of me
I know what I must do
I breathe in:
The cows,
The goats,
My teachers,
My classmates,
My friends,
All of it comes back to me
Every dream
I know what I must do:
I jump.

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