I care about the flaws in America. This means everything from the inherent contradiction that is income inequality, achievement gaps, and blatant discrimination that is happening now. America, as well as the world, is having a massive shift towards right-wing, nationalistic, populist leaders. This is shown in the American election in Trump, the UK election in Theresa May, and in France with Le Pen. This could spell disaster for the world, as countries that are supposed to be the leaders of the world become discriminatory and racist. Along with that, they will become exceedingly isolationist, closing off borders, and causing problems for the whole world.

These issues are all being talked about in the news all too much. Especially with the blatant bias and “Fake News” that our president is so fond of, no one knows who to really believe. We as a society need to be able to learn that every news source is untrustworthy, and that they all have agendas. This is what I care about. Every issue is polarizing, with people on both sides denying things, and making unfounded claims. This is a problem. With so much political tension, people are becoming apathetic towards politics.

There are so many issues and things going on in the world to care about that there is no one thing that we can focus on. These problems are an ever-shifting, ever-present darkness that is constantly on the very edge of our sight. When we attempt to attack one, another blocks us. Take for example global warming. As of now, in America, there is no way that anything will be done by our current president. He wants to defund the EPA (https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/15/us/politics/budget-epa-state-department-cuts.html?_r=0), and wants more coal production which will increase CO2 emissions and further increase the rate of global warming.

The only way to fix these problems would be to address the root. First, “Fake News”. The reason that newspapers pander to audiences by telling only what they want to hear is due to the fact that this business model works. It sells more newspapers, as people want to hear what they’re already thinking. By telling the news from a specific viewpoint, people reinforce their existing views on the world. This also leads to extreme political polarization, as people go to the news source that they feel comfortable with, and are surrounded by people that agree with them. This very fact causes more tension between the two sides of the political spectrum, and even more problems as they each try to wrest power from each other.

As for global warming and environmental degradation, money is the root of these problems too. For one, it is more profitable in the short term to use manufacturing processes that devastate the environment and are cheap, rather than use sustainable practices that are slightly more expensive. Companies don’t care about the environment or the people that they are selling the products too. Take for example the tobacco industry. The companies knew that smoking gave people cancer. Secondly they marketed to children, knowing that that the addictive nature of the product would make them slaves for life. Third, they refused to make a low-tar version, for fear that it would expose the rest of their products as dangerous. These business practices clearly show that money, and not the welfare of the people, is the main motivator of businesses.

Money is the reason that companies do terrible things, as well as the reason that our country is politically divided. Greed, and actions taken to sustain that wealth, are the reason that America is flawed.

Tobacco link: http://www.who.int/tobacco/media/en/TobaccoExplained.pdf

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