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In a complex world, momentary joy is not enough to make us truly happy people. Happiness in life comes down to a few major points, based on an article written by Skilled at Life. They can be summarized as the need for human connection, control over our lives, being a part of something bigger than ourselves, challenge, and a sense of purpose. After looking at the importance of human connection, it is clear that relationships with others are necessary for a happy life. What may be less obvious however, is the need for other people so that we can achieve two of the other five points mentioned.

Being a part of something bigger than ourselves can mean many things. When we reflect on this idea, most of us tend to think of things like volunteering our time to help others, or working on a project to benefit the community. Either way, being a part of something bigger involves others people, and making a difference in their lives. Being a part of something bigger than ourselves can be as simple as just being kind to others to make their lives better. Anything that positively impacts a community as a whole is bigger than we are. The only thing necessary to achieve this objective to reach happiness is other people to affect. Once again, helping others helps our self esteem, which leads to a happier life.

The most important thing people look for with happiness is a sense of purpose. We all want to know what we are meant to do with our lives, and how we will effect the world around us. As we experience new things, we learn what makes us happy and fulfilled. After many interactions, we learn that the most important moments in our lives take place because of others. We see how we affect others and how they affect us, and it makes us feel fulfilled and full of purpose.

This leads me to the conclusion, that people are our paths to happiness. There is no harm in searching for joy in others, because that is the best place for us to find it. We need others to learn about ourselves and find our purpose. When we see what a difference we make in other people’s lives, we learn who we are and what we want to become.

As important as inner peace and self love are, it is possible to find those things through other people, and we are more likely to find them through others anyway. Helping others keeps us feeling connected and content about our place in the world, while it also helps our opinions of ourselves. We learn more from our connections with others than we do from anything else, and these lessons show us where we need to grow to become happier. Friendships and love create an environment where we are free to learn and search for happiness, while having a support system when we need it.

Each aspect of our relationships with friends, family, and strangers play into our happiness whether we realize it or not. Who we have become has depended on the people we are closest to, what they have done for us, and what we have done for them. Through other people, we find our purpose, and our happiness.

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Judge Thomas
March 8, 2018 8:32 am


I enjoyed reading your post. I completely agree with your standpoint that “people are our paths to happiness.” The part in your post that touched me the most was your last paragraph, especially when you write of purpose and how everyone plays into the way we build up our happiness. Because this is third quarter, my bitter-sweet side starts to come out more so I just want to relate this post to high school. I do believe that the people I have gotten to know this year have truly made me happy and felt that my life had been more purposeful. I am going to be sad when we all part, but we can all look at this experience as four years that we all impacted each other in special ways whatever that may have been. Thank you for your post.

-Thomas K.

March 8, 2018 12:58 am

Lindsay, I absolutely loved this post. You brought up so many good points regarding communal growth.I mean, humans are social beings after all. What are your feelings toward the statement “You must learn to love yourself before you can love others?” Where would that fit in? Do you believe it?

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