Welcome to Finding Lory. Follow this enchanting fish on her dream-like voyage to be reunited with her parents.

here’s a link to my animation:

[iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//scratch.mit.edu/projects/embed/128148182/?autostart=false” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

Creative process:

An idea: Most are familiar with Pixar’s Finding Dory. A couple of months ago, I saw it in the theaters. It was not my favorite movie but the characters were very intriguing to learn about. Dory stood out for she was a bright yet forgetful character. Then Finding ‘Lory’ came to mind.


Script: After choosing or creating my characters, I got to writing a script. I wrote multiple versions, my final one being this:


Act one: underwater Alexandra oh

Lory: Mom….Dad, DAD MOM!!!!

Side character(fish): Sorry what were you saying?

Lory: oh I was just, I was just…. What was I doing? Oh well

[fish swims away]

Lory: La la la lala we’re a happy family

       – Family? FAMILY that was what I was looking for

       -Excuse me?

Side character 2 [turtle]: Hello darling, how can I help you?

Lory: oh marvelous!!! You want to help me?

  • Well I’m looking for my sanity .. ehhhh wait.. Your majesty.
  • No. I’m in search of bankruptcy

Turtle: uhhhh are you ok?

Lory: I’m fine, i just suffer from term short memory loss

  • Ummm, loss memory short term?

Turtle: short term memory loss?

Lory: yes that’s it!

-term short loss memory!!

Lory: as I was saying, i’ve lost my family

Turtle: What do your parents look like?

Lory: they look just like me

Turtle: dear lord, that’s like finding a needle in a haystack

oh my…. Good luck child

[swims away]

[background slowly gets darker]

Lory:character thinking “Ohhhhhhhh??? why is this area getting pitch black?

Let’s investigate

Then i’ll find my galaxy.. Vanity

Oops i mean family”

Act 2: pitch black.. Characters are hidden

Lory: Hello??? Is anyone here? Mom dad?

Hank: Boo

Lory: ahhhhhhh!!! Who are you? Where am I?

Hank: Wo jiao Hank. wo jia zai, this black tunnel

Lory: Ummmm. What was that? I don’t speak…whatever you just said

Hank: Well that was mandarin, and I am hungry

Lory: Ok. There is no joking around here.. Wait where are we again?

Hank: A dark tunnel

-I am a purple sectapus….or seven legged octopus who is again, very hungry

-Fish are tasty snacks. I will go and find me some..

Lory: uhhhhh yeah.. Sure fish are “great” snacks

Lory thinks “ what is the best way out of here?”

_So hank, where can this tunnel take me?

Hank: well, it can take you to the sewers,..

Lory: eww no

Hank: It can take you to that delicious italian restaurant

Lory: can it take me to my parents?

Hank: where are they?

Lory: well there’s the problem, i’m not very sure. I suffer from short memory term loss…. Uh short term memory loss, and I forget.

Hank: well chances are they are in the aquarium

Lory: oh i’ll go there

Hank: so go right, right, left, and right

Lory: right, right, left and right.. Got it!

Thank you for everything Hank

It was a pleasure meeting you

Hank: No problem.. Just make sure to never to turn left the last time, those deadly humans will hurt you

Lory: Ok, right, right, left and right

Right, left, left and right. No!

Right right left and right

I’m coming mom and dad!

(Lory swims right right left left and is now lost)

Act 3

Lory: So many turns… remember Lory remember

Right right right , left or right?

Oh well, I’ll go right

(lory falls out of the pipe and lands in a fishbowl)

Lory: ummmm hello?

Where am I?

(Lory wakes up)

Lory’s mom: Lory honey, wake up

Lory:(swims to her mom)

Lory: Oh mother!!! I’ve found you

Mom: uhhhh Lory, what in the ocean are you talking about?

Lory: I lost you and then-…

Mom: Lory it was just a bad dream

Lory: whhhhhaaat? But what about… hank,,, and the other fish and the dark tunnel?

Mom: I have no clue honey, it was all a dream.

Lory: But mother, i lost you

Then i had conversation with some rude animals

Next i met a sectapus

Mom: Lory you’re going bonkers. I think i will book an appointment with a psychologist

Lory: Psychologist???




StoryBoard: after writing the script, we started creating the visual aspect of our animation. We used storyboardthat to create this important step in our project.


Bringing our animation to life: Finally, we used scratch to animate our project. We used the most common scratch blocks to obtain a reasonably watchable animation. One difficulty in scratch was getting the timing of my animation on point so that it could flow. To solve tyhis issue, I cautiously used wait and broadcast blocks. 





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