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     Americans value their freedom and independence. People come from all over the world to live in America and strive for the “American Dream”, whatever that may be to you. The American Dream is different for everyone. For some it is coming to America in attempts to escape war on their home turf, maybe it is opening a business of your own or even getting an education at a high level school.

    In America we believe in education. It is believed that with education comes opportunities and with hard work you can be successful. The U.S is having more and more success with educating their kids with more than “84%”of kids graduating from high school each year says The Condition of Education . Schooling is something Americans value because it can be a gateway to a better life.

    Equality, independence, and freedom are all things that are part of America’s culture. Most Americans believe in equality and equal rights no matter your race, gender, or sexual orientation. Martin Luther King said in his I Have a Dream speech, given in 1964 “ I have a dream that one day my four little children will live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” Independence is also important to American culture because it allows people to speak their minds and voice their own opinions, where in other countries people would be prosecuted for that. Freedom is really what contributes to the American Dream. It is what people come to America for, you are to use your five freedoms given to you in the constitution.

    In Mind Games written by Charles Arthur he talks about his work ethic. Charles came from almost nothing, he  didn’t have a father, money, or a house. Charles looked at every situation with a positive attitude and never lost hope. He worked hard on academics and pushed himself with every endeavor he undertook. He took the American dream to a whole new level. He was motivated in school as well as in  sports. Because of his hard work, he was able to get a scholarship to college for track and field. After college he worked towards the Olympics, once he qualified, he continued his hard work and ended up winning the Olympics. Charles worked hard and appreciated what he had every step of the way. No matter how little he had or how discouraged he felt he never gave up.  Americans value many things, freedom, education, hard work, and independence. All of which contribute to achieving the American Dream.


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