Final Goodbye. by Josh

January 18, 2022


Final Goodbye.

Grandma, I’m sorry, I couldn’t spend more time with you before you had to go

You were always there for me

You helped me figure out who I want to be

Grandma, you’re trying to tell me something I know.

Doctor comes in, says you have more time so to a new hospital room you will move

It is no ones fault this is happening, I know it is just the cancer

But it’s too late now, we don’t have answer

You fall asleep, I’m left thinking of the person you made me, that of which you wouldn’t disapprove.

Kid, I know that was hard

Later on you will be thanking yourself you talked to her

I’m crying so hard, nothings working, not even my vocal cord

Look around, this is everyone she worked so hard for

You have to go too, doctor doesn’t want anymore people in the room, it’s hard to let down my guard

I wish she had more time, that, I think, everyone would prefer

Inspired by “On a Night of Snow” by Elizabeth Coatsworth