To the polar bears

You are big, tough, strong, and ferocious

They say the ice caps you live on will melt

They say you will lose your home

They say you will run out of food and starve

To the polar bears,

No one’s going to let you lose your home

No one’s going to let you starve 

No one’s going to let you suffer and drown 

To the polar bears

We are working to stop burning fossil fuels

We are going to stop driving cars that run on gasoline

We are going to do whatever we can to cut down our carbon emissions

To the polar bears

Just relax

Live your life

In your home

On the ice caps

And soon you will have nothing to worry about

By:Rumi Fitz-Rahmani
In this assignment, we were asked to write about a poem about climate change in the style of Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner. For my poem, I wrote about polar bears and how they’re losing their homes due to climate change and how we need to stop climate change. When other people read this poem, I hope they think about climate change and how it has to come to an end.



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  1. Brendon 1 year ago

    Rumi, I really enjoyed reading this poem. I like how you started off listing positive traits about the polar bear’s and then transitioned into the negatives that they are dealing with. You did a good job of painting the picture that the innocent bears are dealing with some huge struggles because of humans. However you did end on a positive note, which I thought was good. You said all of the things that people are going to stop doing like burning fossil fuels, cutting carbon emissions, etc. My question is, do you really think people are going to do this?

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