Our project was about the dangers of sexual harassment and our overall goal was to inform people about sexual harassment and why it is a problem. In order for this to happen, we posted on our blog on wordpress, made a petition, and made various posts in social media. Our project was not extremely successful.

One of the reasons we didn’t do too well on our project was because we didn’t always post weekly on our blog and we didn’t make too many good quality posts. As a result, we didn’t get too many views and visitors. The highest number of views we had 10 views and although we did have many visitors, they never stayed due to the inconsistent blog posts. If we could change anything, we would post better blog posts. We also didn’t have too many views and visitors on our blog because we didn’t promote it on social media, where most people “live.” Although, we did occasionally did write about blog, we never described the type of work we actually did in our project. As a result, people did not know what our blog was about and they never got to visit it.

The second reason our blog post wasn’t very successful was because we didn’t get too many people to sign our petition. Once again, when we advertised our petition on our blog, we never explained all the things that would happen if we reached more than 50 signatures, which never really interested people to sign. Similar to the reason we didn’t get too many visitors and views, we always promoted our petition on social media, such as instagram and snapchat. However, once again, we never explained anything other than the fact that our petition was about sexual harassment. And obviously we never described what the outcomes of signing our petition would be. Another reason it wasn’t very successful was because many people does not use wordpress since it’s not very popular.

In conclusion, we didn’t get too many visitors and views. This is because we didn’t make good quality posts, we didn’t promote our blog and petition correctly on social media, and because not many people use wordpress so we didn’t get many visitors. There are many improvements we could have made if we decided to do this project again.  For example, if we actually explained our topic more than once, more people would be more interested. Another improvement we could have made is making better social media posts by explaining the post instead of just telling them to “follow our blog” or “sign our petition.” However, I had a very positive experience when doing this project and I am happy that I got to learn so much from it. Hopefully, someone else does a better job with a sexual harassment project.

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