Dear Future President of the United States of America,

First off, I would like to say congratulations with your achievement of becoming the president of the United States. You must hear us people, and you must do what no other president has done: do what we the people think will make our country better. Every president has promised a lot and most of the time they don’t keep their promise and hopefully you will. These are some suggestion that I recommend so that you earn everyone’s respect.
An important issue that I care about is racism. Racism is a major issue in our country. It must stop. I believe that everyone was created equal and I know that Thomas Jefferson would agree with me if he were still alive, but sadly he is not. Where you come from should not influence the way other people treat you. Everyone comes from Earth. Diversity should be valued not looked down on. Recently, in the United States there have been many situations where police officers have been very brutal towards African Americans. Since the police brutality has been a very serious matter, many people have started a trend: Black Lives Matter. I think it is unjust that police are treating people unfairly simply because of their race. It is also unjust that the people who control these United States, debatably the guardians of these United States are betraying our trust. They are hypocrites. They put people in jail for killing others, but they are killing people and justice is not being made. The government needs to make justice. As you are president, you must do something and take a stand for we the people.

                                                                                  Gustavo Anaya

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November 2, 2016 2:50 pm

I agree with people are still racist in the United States. But it is so hard to stop racism all the way because they are people that are always going to be racist. I agree with you on no one should be denied something because of the way they look or the race they are. I loved everything you have said in your post. I just think it will take time for people not to be racist anymore. But overall this was a great post.

November 1, 2016 5:03 am

This is a great letter I think to make your position more strong you could add evidence of what you are claiming. Here is a website that I found very insightful on this topic

October 31, 2016 11:44 pm

This is a really nicely written and well thought out post. I can tell you are very passionate about this issue, and it was conveyed well in this letter. I agree with you in that where you come from should not determine how people treat you, and what opportunities you have. Race should not be factor in determining the quality of ones character, and equality must be a universal thing. Really good job on this post.

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