Feminism is classified as the rights of political, social, and economic rights as opposed to men.

Feminism used to be a group for women so they can gain rights that they didn’t have but men did. Now feminism is just women that complaining about really foolish topics.

Feminists have now become known as public hate figures that make false claims. They are also saying that games that are rated 18 have graphic content, are revealing women, and that they are objectifying women even though it’s rated 18 for a reason.

Many youtubers, celebrities , etc hate people involved with feminism because feminism is now just looked at like its a big joke. Overall, feminism groups should start changing their thoughts and claims and actually bring in evidence rather than making up lies for the public.



  1. Ariel 4 years ago

    Dear Ricardo,
    You have absolutely no evidence to support this nonsense claim. Feminism is not, nor has it ever been “just women that complaining about really foolish topics” (terrible english by the way), but it is people of both genders who simply understand that women are marginalized in this society/country and who want equality between the sexes. Feminists are not known as pubic hate figures that make false claims (although you are making false claims). Please educate your thinking, expand your mind. Read, listen and try and empathize.

    Please do yourself and all of us a favor and look at the links Olivia left. And go ahead and look at mine too.

    Wage Gap: http://www.aauw.org/research/the-simple-truth-about-the-gender-pay-gap/

    Victim blaming:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/victim-blaming/

    Domestic violence:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/10/23/domestic-violence-statistics_n_5959776.html

  2. Hector 4 years ago

    Ricardo, I respect your opinion about feminism. I won’t call you a not educated guy as the other people did, but I would recommend that you support your thinking with evidence or a little bit of facts, so we can know you are not making it up.
    Also as Olivia said, women are still fighting for their rights, especially in the labor sphere. The most clear example will be in the movie business. Awfully there’s a a few movies out there with a women as the protagonist, most of them have the same role over and over again, ( the sensitive girl in a romantic film, a typical mother and the sexy/beautiful girl that catches all the attention of the public). In fact, there’s not many films with a women with a role at all.

    I hope this was helpful for you.

  3. Xochitl 4 years ago

    Although you are entitled to your own opinion, I strongly disagree. You can see examples of gender inequality everywhere including unequal pay for the same work, unequal opportunities between the different genders, violence against women because of their gender alone, etc. You are an uniformed person who clearly has not read or learned any information about their topic and used their own biased ideas to write a short offensive article.

  4. Anna 4 years ago

    I am sorry you’re not educated, but I suggest you do some research before posting something that’s simply untrue. Olivia provided some great articles for you to read and if you would like to open up your mind a little bit, then I recommend you read them. Also, the definition of feminism is “the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities” http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/feminism This doesn’t just mean equality for women, but equality for men too.

  5. Malia 4 years ago

    I am truly sorry you feel this way. There are many women and (not surprisingly) even men that support the idea of feminism. I’m a feminist, in that I believe that women and men should have equal opportunities. Women have been fighting for centuries trying to change the way society treats them, in the US and around the world. We’re not complaining when we ask for equal pay or justice when it comes to sexual harassment; we’re not complaining when ask that we be treated as more than just sexual objects; and we’re not complaining when we ask for support while making tough decisions on abortion or safe sex; we are simply asking for the respect and justness we deserve. You may not feel that feminism is a cause to fight for but there are many users on YouthVoices and people around the world who have left, or will leave, countless resources that prove otherwise. I really do hope that you broaden your mind and learn a little more about this topic before you fully decide that this is how you want to feel.

  6. Caroline 4 years ago

    I think that feminism is a great cause to fight for. Only some feminists are that extreme and if so good for them. Everyone deserves to express themselves how they want to because that is a basic human right and asking someone to change that is not okay. Further more, men had the right to vote before women so hats off to the women that fought for their right to vote (they are considered feminists) and women’s wages on average are still lower than men so we NEED feminists to fight for against that. It also worries me that are possible future President, Trump, thinks that just touching women and assaulting them is okay. Women have rights just as much as men and we need to start considering this issue more carefully.

  7. Abbi 4 years ago

    I am a feminist. And, do you know what, I totally do complain about silly little issues. You’re totally right. All I do as a feminist is sit there and complain about how I won’t be paid as much as a man for doing the same job. I mean, 80 cents to man’s 1 dollar is totally fair and great! Also, in Utah, where I live, it’s 71 cents (for the average white woman) I mean, that couldn’t be better! http://www.aauw.org/research/the-simple-truth-about-the-gender-pay-gap/ .

    Also, women in video games and comic books ARE objectified, (I mean, look at Wonderwoman’s costume versus Batman’s and Superman’s http://media.comicbook.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/dc-comics-batman-superman-wonder-woman-trinity-e1387220125595.jpg) But I guess women have to be objectified because, obviously, women cannot be powerful, or strong, or intelligent, or courageous, or creative, or intuitive, or a leader (let alone president) without being incredibly sexy too. Obviously.

    I’m sorry to bother you with my silly complaints. Have a great day! 🙂

  8. Mimi 4 years ago

    Dear Ricardo,
    I highly suggest that you read these articles that Olivia provided. Feminism is an important issue facing not only the United States but the entire world. The most reputable sources that you give in your post are youtubers and video games. Also, if you could give an example as to which feminists are referred to as “public hate figures” would be greatly appreciated because I don’t know of any. The fact that the thing that you are most bothered by is that you want to see less clothed women on video games suggests how little you know about what feminism is. I suggest before you make a post you make an effort to educate yourself on the opinion and find out both sides of the story. The fact of the matter is is that even though it may be hard to acknowledge, women still face many more challenges than man in this world. In Yemen, women can’t leave the house without their husbands permission. In Saudi Arabia, women still are not legally allowed to drive. In Vatican City, women still do not have the right to vote. These facts prove that feminism is not “a joke” and is in fact still much needed in this day and age.

  9. Maddie 4 years ago

    Feminism is not women “complaining about really foolish topics”. Feminism is people (men and women) realizing that sexism and inequities exist and cannot be ignored. There is real inequality for women in this country and around the world. Feminists are not hated by most and are not “jokes” as you put it; some feminists have made real contributions to improve people’s lives. Actual evidence of inequity includes women not being able to drive in countries or be escorted without her husband, very limited education opportunities for girls around the world, unequal pay for doing the same job, sexual and domestic violence committed against women with no justice, and these are just a few. I am unsure as to what “lies for the public” you are referring to, you’ll have to state this more clearly. In fact, your post indicates how uninformed you are about feminism. Please read the provided links in the previous comment.

  10. Olivia 4 years ago

    Women still fighting for rights and equal treatment around the world. Here are some well-known issues. I will include links so you can educate yourself 🙂

    The Glass Ceiling (this article addresses both women and minorities) http://www.civilrights.org/monitor/vol8_no1/art7.html?referrer=https://www.google.com/

    Violence Against Women http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs239/en/

    FGM http://www.endfgm.eu/female-genital-mutilation/what-is-fgm/

    Trafficking http://www.cnn.com/2015/07/20/us/sex-trafficking/

    Low Rape Conviction Rate https://www.rainn.org/statistics/criminal-justice-system

    Sex-selective Abortion https://lozierinstitute.org/sex-selection-abortion-the-real-war-on-women/

    These are just a few of many issues (from reputable sources) facing women not only in the US, but around the world.

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