Most college students have to take out student loans at some point. Taking out student loans has helped college students pursue their education with the agreement that they will pay that money back at some point. Despite the benefits that student loans bring, they also put a lot of young people into debt that oftentimes takes years and years to pay back. This has left a lot of college students wondering if it is really worth it to take out student loans. In the article, Federally Guaranteed Student Loans are Good Debt, written by Sandra Block, highlights why federally guaranteed student loans should be considered “good debt” instead of other forms of student loans. The two most common types of student loans are federal and private loans. In an article published by Sallie Mae, the author talks about the difference between federal and private loans. Federal student loans are loans given to a student by the government and usually have a lower interest rate and flexible payment plans. Private loans are loans given to a student by a school, bank, or private lender. Usually, with private loans, the interest rate is higher and the payment plans aren’t as flexible. Sandra Block recognizes that while student loans can become financially crippling, they benefit you positively in the end. One of the reasons being that when you take out federal student loans, you agree to a payment plan that you are comfortable with and are typically given 6 months after graduation to start paying your loans back. As mentioned before, federal loans are flexible, so when or if these loans ever become financially crippling, you can make some changes to your payment plan. Taking out federal loans helps your credit score, especially if you stay on top of your payment plan. Having a good credit score will help you in the future when you are trying to take out a mortgage loan or other loans.

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