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In the article, ¨Why am I scared of clowns?¨ Michelle is explaining her fear of clowns. She talks about their features, clothing and her own experience with clowns. Her reasoning was something that I never really thought of but as I’m also scared of clowns it made me think if I was scared of them for the same reasons as her. There are different looking clowns; outfits, hair, red nose or no nose, etc. but it still doesn’t change the fact that they are scary.

Michelle explains the features of clowns by describing their makeup which is pretty much what makes their features. She says, ¨… the cosmetics of a clown might be disturbing. It conceals not only the individual’s appearance but also their emotions.¨ This is true, at least to me. You don’t know who is under all that makeup and it makes you question their actual personality even more. When she talks about their clothing it states, ¨The strangeness is amplified by the clown’s weird clothing.¨ This is something I never really thought much of but it has crossed my mind; why do their wear those types of outfits? They are all based around bright vibrant colors but I feel like they often times scare more people then make them happy or comfortable. Her own experience with clowns was when there were the clowns who were killing people. I actually remember this as well and whenever anyone would wear a clown costume it would just make you tense up and make your heart race because of everything that was happening revolving clowns. For all these reasons, Im pretty sure Im scared of clowns for the exact same reason, Michelle just made me realize what it was about them that made them scary.

Brandi Alvarez

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March 24, 2022 2:54 pm

Dear Brandi Alvarez,
I am in agreement by your post “Fear of Clowns” because I am also afraid of clowns and it makes me wonder why they wear what they wear. I wonder if thats how they express their personality or if the happy colors just mimick the happiness around them and they are portraying that image.
One sentence you wrote that stands out to me ¨… the cosmetics of a clown might be disturbing. It conceals not only the individual’s appearance but also their emotions.¨ this stands out to me because makeup on everyone really does hide who they truly are beause it makes so many people look different.
Thanks for writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I realted to your writing so much!

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