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Fear Is Holding us Back.

What is it that we seem to not understand ourselves our fears and anxiety which have come and taking over the intelligence that we have squandered by fear and anxiety.To understand what makes so afflicted by  these emotions which hold us back from being what we want to what we will be. there are times they are important to stay safe from danger and the things that can come with it and when need to run from said Danger. but now they have held us back for  too long paralyzing from moving  forward for the dangers that are uncertain  that holds like chains to which there is no  Escape.  do you remember a time when you did not have to fear anything remember when you learned to walk on your own two feet every time you fell down and yet you got back up you didn’t quit until finally you learned to walk. we did not inherit fear we had to learn for ourselves And it is that we have learned it so well which has turned us into this a nation built on distrust for leaders Who hide the truth of themselves from us in hopes becoming more and more powerful. They aren’t fear mongers I see them anxiety weavers without remorse for what they do to us in this nation which is more than once torn itself apart in hopes of getting rid of those they think are there to hurt them but furthermore they just want to get away from their lives before.

They understand but they can control us with it but it’s when you don’t let them and me understand the facts that many don’t look for and we can stand up to the fears of our past and anxieties that controls us that paralyzes us and alleviate it. We also need to understand it so they can’t push us to think that there is a problem like saying. “All these immigrants who come here to take our jobs.” They need these anxieties to be in the back of our minds making us start to worry and get so wound up when they push for something they have people backing them. We worry about just going as all over the news they show someone who shoot, attacked, murdered, raped someone but this was happening before but now we have more and more people tweeting and sharing things that happen over the internet. I remember a time when I could point a someone and it was fine now it’s considered by many including my mother insensitive and rude but how would I then tell you what I saw an example of anxiety of being rude to someone. Fear has destroyed us as i’ve said and helped many reach the heights that they are were or now at (Cough cough elections cough cough).    

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November 20, 2017 8:53 pm

Dear Andrew,
What you said on the basis of the idea of fear was truly mesmerizing. I loved the different analogies you provided in your article. I liked when you said,” remember when you learned to walk on your own two feet everytime you fell down and yet you got back up didn’t quit until finally you learned to walk.” We didn’t have fear when we were born, but we developed dear into a monster we must stay far away from. It’s crazy to think that society has done this to us, they had influenced our brains into surrounding itself with fear. Everything thing we do, has to do with fear.

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