Fear in Fahrenheit 451 and in 2017 by Abraham

February 17, 2017


Fear in Fahrenheit 451 and in 2017

In the book “Fahrenheit 451” by Ray Bradbury there a lot of things that the government does that connect to the real world. One of the things that they do is trying to get rid of books so that people do not become curious and so that other people don’t have any questions.

This connects to the real world we are living in because our government is trying to take away things from us so that we can become a limited world. They are limiting us by making us watch things that will benefit us such as news.

Secondly, something that the government is taking from citizens is the places they go. This is true because now with Donald Trump as president, he is banning Muslims from coming to the United States and leaving the United States. This is limiting people’s freedom because they are not able to go work in different places or go and visit family members.

This just goes to show that our government is limiting citizens in having their freedom. In conclusion, the book talks about the society being limited but what about us, what can we do so that our government doesn’t treat us like the book.